RoboCop Caused $8 Million Worth Of Damage By Today's Standards

How much property damage could one cybernetic cop possibly do? Quite a lot, it turns out.

The keen-eyed CinemaSins folks break out their fancy calculators once more, this time calculating the property damage wracked up in 1987's original RoboCop. The actual figure they come up with might not be all that impressive, really, but remember this movie took place in Detroit, where everything is worth a quarter of what it is anywhere else.


    $8 million in damages for a super rogue cop, thats actually pretty good
    im pretty sure John McClane would double that on a Wednesday night

      haha spot on! 8 million dollars is like half an apache. and we know McClanes taken out attack helo's before. haha

    Whoah, thanks for the spoilers!

      I have to check, this was sarcasm, right? Because it has to be sarcasm?

    Grossly inaccurate. The included the price of a new skirt in the one case where the woman was shot between the legs, but they ignored the cost of all the shirts for the people who were shot!

    That's several thousand dollars right there...

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