I Am Drowning In Glorious Video Game GIFs

It is Friday. It is the afternoon. Why not while the rest of the day away by completely submerging yourself in glorious video game GIFs. Advance warning. This post contains a lot of GIFs. If you don't like GIFs, move along!

Okay, time for GIFage.

These come from one of the best forum threads I've ever seen. This NeoGAF post is glorious, and the GIFs posted below are merely the tip of the iceberg. Head here for more. You won't regret it.

Destiny by ThatsMytrunks

Super Mario 64 by Alo81

Bridge Constructor by Intheflorsh

Papers Please by Alo81

Those are just a few that I could upload. Seriously, this is nothing. Head to the thread for more.


    It's Friday already? What happened to Wednesday?

      Don't worry, there'll be another Wednesday in a few days.

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