I Don’t Think You’re Ready For The Floor Is Jelly. OK, Maybe You Are.

I Don’t Think You’re Ready For The Floor Is Jelly. OK, Maybe You Are.

The Floor Is Jelly seems like a pretty normal platformer with some bouncy floors thrown in. Which it is, but the way it uses those bouncy floors creates a series of really interesting new challenges.

I saw a hint of some different mechanics in the trailer, but I thought maybe it was just something thrown in on top of some normal jumping around gameplay. When I started playing the game, I got to see how it creates new mechanics without explicitly giving you new “powers” as I previously thought. The best example for this is when you come to a seemingly impassable wall that touches the floor. Since the floor is made of jelly, you need to jump on it so it dips down, allowing you space to pass by. The game is peppered with creative challenges like that, and that’s just from the first hour or so I played.

It’s also got music by Disasterpiece, which is always a big selling point, as well as a beautiful art style. I should mention I did run into a bug or two while playing, but the worst thing that happened was I had to restart and lost about 40 seconds of progress, so I’m still happy to recommend it.

The Floor Is Jelly is out now for Windows and Mac, you can pick it up this week for $US9.


  • That’s awesome! And music by Disasterpiece (Fez)? ChingChing Sold, for 9 dollars to the gentleman in the blue tree 😛

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