Ice-T Doesn't Actually Hate D&D

Ice-T Doesn't Actually Hate D&D

After his comments about recording a D&D audiobook, you may be under the impression that Ice-T thinks the venerable role-playing universe is whack. Nah, that'd be dead wrong. In fact, the rap legend says "that s**t sounds dope to me".

The hip-hop icon has another episode of his Final Level podcast coming up and he expounds even more on the unexpected experience of having to give voice to a bunch of fantasy characters. The man also known as Tracy Marrow did all the characters in the book in question, including three women, a talking sword and D&D fan favourite dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. Ice wants you to know that he's cool with Gary Gygax's crowning achievement:

"I want to give a special shoutout to all the Dungeons & Dragons people...y'all have been phenomenal."

"I have nothing against dungeons and dragons, geeks, or nerds I told you I just hate dumb fucks." "What wouldn't Ice-T like about a dungeon…or a motherfuckin' dragon? That shit sounds dope to me."

Millions of players agree with you, Ice. Listen to the whole thing to hear what the rapper/actor/Coco-lover thinks about George Zimmerman, performance-enhancing drugs and Flappy Bird. Yes, that Flappy Bird.


    A lot of actors are into D&D, Vin Diesel comes to mind as well. Despite its reputation, D&D is basically just social improv acting on a small scale, with no script and a few rules just to add a sense of fairness.

      Heh a few rules... You see the size of the books????

        Yeah, but they're getting smaller and they're mostly optional. The only really core stuff you need to know is how the D20 system works.

    I think the guy's original complaint was he was being asked to read something he knew nothing about so probably felt completely out of his depth while 'performing'. I know I'd be worried about pronunciation and evoking the appropriate tone for the scene if I was reading something I knew nothing about.

      Yeah, and D&D books/Forgotten Realms books are heavy on the made up language stuff. I can imagine it is a nightmare for a book reader who does it professionally to get right, let alone a moonlighter like him. :)

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