If Dark Souls Were A 16-Bit Platformer

If Dark Souls Were a 16-Bit Platformer

Artist Dave Rapoza took Dark Souls and reimagined it as a 2D platformer from the 16-bit era, and man I can already see that health bar dropping like a fly.

Besides Castlevania, it kind of reminds me of the boss fights of ActRaiser on the SNES. Those were the nineties equivalent to Dark Souls' more unforgiving moments.

Dark Souls by Dave Rapoza [Blogspot, via r/darksouls]


    Way too detailed to be a 16 bit game...but cool nonetheless.

    If it were a 16 bit platformer I doubt it'd look THAT good. That's more heading into your 32bit PS1/Saturn era of platformers. There were some neat looking platformers in the SNES/MD era, but nothing that detailed from memory?

    Well, looks like you maxed this guy's bandwidth :)

    Dark Souls, reimagined as a 2D platformer from the 16-bit era, is Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

      That'd be 8 bit

        No, he was right. 16-bit would be Ghouls n Ghosts; it was ported from the arcade and appeared on both MegaDrive and SNES (in a revamped form in the shape of SUPER Ghouls N Ghosts).

        Ghosts N Goblins was its predecessor, and appeared on the 8bit NES.

    A 2D 16-Bit Dark Souls?

    Oh like... La-Mulana! :D


    x2 on the 24/32bit. You wouldn't see that much detail on a 16bit SNES or Megadrive.

    Rapoza does some gnarly mash ups, check out his detailed ninja turtle portraits. Better yet, check out his whole portfolio at deviant art.

    I haven't played Dark Souls and I'm fighting the urge to dive in now.

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