Video: PBS Explains Destructive Fanboyism In Video Gaming

If there could be a scientific explanation for why fanboyism is a destructive force within video gaming, trust PBS (and Kill Screen's Jamin Warren) to find it. "A 2011 study found that ... people have biases against creativity." That's one reason why you're getting sequel after sequel every year.


    Haha! Yeah, I've seen it. I've even done simple stuff like offer a simple change to one option in a game of Halo on the forums and was violently attacked because I wasn't copying and pasting what other people had said.

      Do you not realise that you're supposed to read every single post of every single thread in a forum before you post on it, even the deleted threads?

        Actually I'm supposed to follow the one guy saying he's been a fan since the first game and is a legit MLG pro gamer and thank bomb all his comments then copy and paste them in the same thread.

    I really dislike fanboys/fangirls, but understand they are a necessary evil.

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      Here's the thing though - they're not at all necessary.

      Something happened between my generation (I'm an 80's child), and the one's that followed. Something that has caused them to seek the need of empowerment, by jumping online and spewing their dislike for any and all things they don't personally like. Empowerment found in having a bunch of also negatively-minded-whingers, who find pleasure in having strangers like/share/upvote their negative comments. It boggles my mind, and I just can't wrap my head around it.

        I was thinking more along the lines of a developer trying to be the next best game to pull in a certain fan base.

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          You're right in that respect mate - having a strong, core, fan-base is positive from a brand prospective.

    Anyone esle notice the tweet caption use with mark ruffalo @taswell. The legend of Ryan Davis Lives.........

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