Sonic Boom Remixed, Now With Less Dubstep

If you didn't care for the dubstep in the Sonic Boom announcement trailer, these guys remixed it (with dialogue intact) using "Sonic Boom", the title theme of Sonic CD from 20 years ago.

The music choice may be literally more outdated than dubstep — what the hell is this? 2011? — but it's much more timeless.


    I much prefer this trailer, because that song is exactly what runs through my head any time I hear "sonic boom" - so if they're going to name a new Sonic game that, then dammit, that's the song that should be playing!

    I prefer the actual trailer; why are people so petty? It's a fun bit of music, get over it. The first 35~ seconds of this is melodramatic anyway.

    i like the bangarang version better, but thats just coz i like that sort of music.

    meh, whatever floats your boat...

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