If You Have A Friend That's New To Dark Souls, Send Them This

Two things can happen if a Dark Souls newbie watches this video. One, they are gullible and go 'wow that truly is One Weird Trick to becoming good at Dark Souls' — meaning they're likely to dedicate the rest of the playthrough to trying to find a coconut.

Or two, they catch on that all of the stuff about fruits is complete nonsense. Hopefully it's not the first, because Matt Lees is obviously not being serious here — and it's hilarious.

Dark Souls: The Main Reason New Players Give Up [Matt Lees]


    Hahahaha, awesome trolling.

    Whoops, spoiler tags for those that haven't played it. ;)

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    If your one of the suckers like me who purchased Dark souls for PC
    and the save feature is disabled due to some Microsoft live BS your going to have a bad time.

    Spent 3 days trying to get it to work, I gave up.

    Worst port ever.

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      It is genuinely a terrible port, and yet it's still one of my favourite PC games of all time, which says a lot.

        yeah, I really wanted to play it and from what I was able to play it would have been awesome, I even purchased a Xbox/pc controller just for Darksouls PC.

        I mean If I really wanted to I could have played with out saving but chances are it would have crashed whilst afk haha

          I agree on the GFWL front, but have you isntalled DSFIX? It makes the game perform a hell of a lot better, and was created by a community member not long after the game came out.

            Yeah I installed DSFIX, I even went as far as to download a (fixed) pirate copy and I still had the same 'no autosave' issue

      Thankfully DSII reportedly has a team dedicated to the PC port, so hopefully it will arrive there in a much better way.

    This is like the third article on this in like 3 days.. Does anyone actually know anyone that's "given up" ? :/

    I mean, maybe for a few hours.. Or until the next day.. Or until the weekend.. But that's the same with a lot of games when you hit a hard spot...

      I think this article was definitely needed because the tips that are contained in the video really haven't been covered before.

      After watching the video I was just thinking how much of my life I wasted slogging through it the way I did instead of doing it the correct way.

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