Briefly: Watch Gameplay From Infamous: Second Son… With Some Caveats

If you’d like to see four minutes of gameplay from Infamous: Second Son and you either speak Russian or can read the subtitles, here you go, almost a month before the game’s release.


    • gee what a clever guy you are. It almost as if every single xbox one game is 720p and every ps4 title is 1080p. I admit that more games on the xbox one are 720p but i would rather play a 720p game then one that doesnt exist at all.

        • haha that is always the go too response from sony fans. All day long they go onto xbox articles just to have a dig at the console, then when Xbox users defend themselves, its “butthurt” and “no sense of humour” Try saying that to the devs that spent years working hard at making the console.

          • I had a response written rebutting this but then I realised, the old saying is true, why argue with an idiot… they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Have an awesome day.

          • Not really, just sick of the backlash the xbox one is getting. Makes no sense to me at all. I could go on all day about the playstation and its shortcomings but i dont.

            Do you think the xbox one has suffered sales because of the 720p thing and the kinect? I do, i also strongly believe the more the xbox one is seen in a better light, the more devs will want to work with it and the more games we will see.

            I personally wouldent want the ps4 to suffer in sales based off rumors and slight shortcomings, only because if people genuinely like the PlayStation brand better, i would want them to enjoy games as much as i do.

          • Alternatively I just dont care. Stop getting so riled up dude. A joke is a joke. Nothing more. Only one person here went overboard and it wasnt me.

          • Exactly.
            Seriously, can’t play games anymore without it being like one country insulting the honour of another or some other over dramatic crap due to the platform it is on.
            Maybe if I call it a Germany Station 4 and China Box One people will be too scared to say anything? lol.

          • lol it’s definitely exactly like that. The PC just sits in the corner shaking its head, drinking its beer saying ‘Kids… glad we’re more mature……. whats that? NVIDIA IS BETTER! I’LL FUCKING GLASS YOU C*NT!!!!!’

          • BAHAHAHAH yep.
            See I am a PC gamer and I don’t hear anything like that till I look at the Steam forums or a youtube comments section then that is exactly what happens.
            What you do get to avoid though is on PC gamer forums like I am on (PCPP and Tek Syndicate) you hear nothing about that stuff. I can go “I got a PS4” and they will just talk even though it is a PC forum. They’ll will recommend all brands of PC parts. But like I said on proper forums.

          • He made a joke on a current trend. Then you throw all the Sony Microsoft crap rather than just chuckling at a little satire.
            I did not see Weresmurf going to other sites either to blatantly bash anything Xbox or not……

          • Oh man that made me laugh. The idea that Sony fanboys are always making fun of the poor Xbox while the Xbox fanboys are just so nice and respectful. All fanboys do it princess

          • Xbox fanboys act respectful because they have nothing to boast about

            Xbox 1? More like Xbox 720p

          • Yah, Xbox fans were pretty nasty over the several years when the 360 had the advantage over the PS3. I mean, I’ve long since stopped caring about other people’s opinions on what console I use to play my games, and still prefer my XBone to the PS4, but I’d say the current mass contrition out of the Xbox fanbase is presently because there’s nothing to brag about. On paper, I’d say the PS4 definitely has the edge right now, for people who still care about that kind of thing,.

    • yeah it looks a treat. At night with the water reflecting the neon, really justifies the new console generation.
      You would not get that on PS3. Infamouse 2 for eg distants lights where just white pixels and it did not draw you in like this does with the imagery.

    • Yeah looks amazing. Im not one for cross platform games really, I prefer to get those on PC when I can, but I love it when console exclusive games come out (whatever the console ^^^ :P) because then the console truly gets to shine and show what it can do. Wether its the Gears of War series, which really DID look great despite the grey colour scheme, the inFamous series or little big planets (which look amazing still now) or Nintendos Marios, Zeldas, metroids etc, console exclusives are where the consoles shine.

      It also makes me curious now, if they can make a first gen game look THIS good? Imagine what we’ll be getting in 2 – 3 years time…

  • I seem to be the only one not excited at all for this game. I mean, I’m sure SuckerPunch did a good job with it, but for an open world game launching in a month, I’ve not seen anything other Delsin running around shooting things. Not that I’m making a comparison to GTAV because I understand they’re going for different things, but surely, there should be more to this game than shooting pretty things at other pretty things, which is all they’ve been willing to show us, no?

    • Yeah the first two infamous games had trailers showing off the cool comic book cutscene thing showing the story they were going for – which was to appeal to the suddenly surge of comic theme nerds that don’t actually read comics but just watch Marvel movies.
      This game does not seem to have ads or website banners. Fluffing nothing.

      Maybe Sony will push when it is out. They have been doing that with other first party games of late.

      • It is rather odd I’ll agree, but then, inFamous when it came out, part 1, had to compete with Prototype at the time. Prototype from memory smashed it initially, though the reviews showed inFamous was the far better game in terms of quality and story (which is definitely true). It is sad there’s not a larger marketing campaign but there’s still a few weeks to go, I’m betting two weeks to go before it launches we’ll see a campaign kick into high gear?

        Either way, I’ve paid off my copy. The inFamous series is fantastic, I found it to be the best comic book game I’ve ever played, the irony being it was never a comic book of course, but that being said, it was emotional, striking and deep as hell. I highly recommend them to *anyone* looking for a great game series with a lot of heart to play.

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