In Here, You Can Be A Monster, And Nobody Will Judge You

In Here, You Can Be A Monster, And Nobody Will Judge You

Gods Will Be Watching started out small, as a Ludum Dare project, a survival game taking place on a single screen. Its upcoming full release is a lot more ambitious.

The full game will be a sci-fi point-and-click adventure that, rather than have you wandering around chatting to folks endlessly, drops you in a series of desperate survival situations. Each of these will involve "hard decisions and moral dilemmas", and the choices you make will shape how the rest of the game unfolds.

What sounds really cool is that you're not being "judged". Instead, your decisions will simply play out, with no right or wrong barometer, meaning the only one deciding how you did will

It's also not going to have you wandering around towns and fields either. The full game is the demo strung out: there will only be six "intimate, tension-filled scenarios", each linked by a story.


    Oh gosh, i loved the original one. It was freakin depressing though....

    Oh my god, I really liked the little ludum dare game. I pre-ordered this

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