In The Munich Circus He Was Known As The Incredible Nightcrawler

Filling the chat box with unsolicited BAMFs, the most beloved X-Man has come to Marvel Heroes as a playable character, just in time for his ongoing comic book resurrection.


    Oh man, I wish this game was enjoyable to play, the character selection is awesome.

      It is very enjoyable to play. Been playing since launch and the game has come along leaps and bounds since then. In fact, it's almost unrecognisable from what it originally was.

      And besides, Nightcrawler is an absolute blast to play :)

        Yeah, I played it in beta, and a little after launch but I just didn't enjoy it. My biggest problem was the controls, clicking to move and attack I feel is just so, uninvolved and messy. I'd probably be ok with it if I hadn't already played a tonne of the Ultimate Alliance games which is much more the style I am comfortable with.

    whoops, meant to be a reply.

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