Inception Board Game Is A Board Game Inside A Board Game…

Inception Board Game Is A Board Game Inside A Board Game…

Inceptor is an upcoming board game that is, in everything except name (because that involves licensing), based on Chris Nolan’s movie Inception.

Players move around a board collecting points, which go towards mission cards. Once a mission is complete, you then move deeper into a subject’s dreams. A nice touch is that it even includes the “kick” from the movie, where as soon as one player wins, all players still need to get the hell out of their dream before they get stuck in limbo forever.

Inceptor is currently up on Kickstarter, looking for $US30,000 in funding. It’s halfway there already.

Inceptor [Kickstarter, via technabob]


  • It’s already been funded but this game looks pretty terrible.

    It’s a roll and move game where you draw cards based on the spot you land on. For a board game, that level of mechanics is barely above snakes and ladders. There are even “miss a turn” cards.

    The theme is nice and all but there’s no way in hell I would ever play this and I’m obsessed with board games.

    • This is what they have to say about the roll and move mechanic
      “The game does require players to roll and move; however, we have created interesting twists around this mechanic. For example, players can roll and then choose direction of travel when entering new levels. It is also more difficult to get to the deeper levels. Players receive more points the deeper they plant ideas but it will risk taking more time and another player may finish before you. You can also plant ideas in sections to prevent opponents from using those sections for their mission. “

      • That doesn’t really address the issue that roll and move is a fundamentally weak mechanic. Choosing a direction isn’t a huge thing.

    • I’m interested (geniuinely, not trollingly) in other people’s ideas of how an iception board game could work. You sound like a real board-game-head, how would you approach it? Or alternately, how would you make their existing concept deeper and better?
      I love board games, but haven’t played a wide variety, so I’m also interested in some suggestions as to great ones to play.

      • Honestly, I wouldn’t. Inception was a good movie but trying to make a board game around it doesn’t really seem that interesting.

        If you want suggestions for board games, there’s always the trio of introductory European games: Settlers of Catan (focused on trading resources), Ticket to Ride (building train lines across America) and Carcassonne (building a village). Then there’s also the like of Qwirkle (something like a symbol based Scrabble but much more approachable), Hanabi (a co-operative card game where you don’t get to see your hand), 7 Wonders (a card drafting game where you build ancient wonders and the civilisations around them) and so many more.

        You can watch Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop series to see a good number of accessible board games played.

  • I think you need to open all of these with a “WARNING: KICKSTARTER ONLY” disclaimer. So I don’t get all excited.

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