Indie RPG Wants To Change The Way You Fight Monsters

Indie RPG Wants To Change The Way You Fight Monsters

Cradle is promising to be “an open-world adventure”. Built using CryEngine 3. I think this one is for you, PC gamers.

Of course, it’s easy to make big promises while your game’s still in development. And it’s easy to have a game looking good when there aren’t any characters on the screen.

The combat system does sound interesting, though: it’s going to be based on where you’re aiming, not what button you press, which should make hacking and slashing more varied and useful than, say, Skyrim’s blind mouse-clicking.

Cradle’s looking for $US300,000 on Kickstarter.

Cradle [Kickstarter]


  • WHAT, the only way to defeat monsters is a sausage in an old sock….everyone knows that.

    the combat sounds like Die by the sword….anyone remember that game?

  • It was real chaotic, it was a real laugh when you took a limb off then it turned into an episode of Monty pythons holy grail and the black knight lol. I only had a go of the multiplayer there were 3 of us and it was quite gory for its time I guess.

  • Unfortunately, they didn’t explain enough about the combat system in the linked video for me to make any proper judgement. All I saw of the combat was a staff poking and prodding a wooden dummy, which doesn’t show me how the combat system would be any different to all the other games out there.

    I guess I’m the pessimist when I say this would be one of those Kickstarted games that won’t come to fruition? Or the realist?

  • I haven’t looked at the video but the combat you described sounds like Dead Trigger 2 on mobiles which shoots your gun/slashes knife based on if you’re looking at a zombie. Someone correct me if it’s not like that

  • This actually looks good – man I backed so many projects last year, I was going to have a break – stupid indie devs and their sweet looking projects 😛 Plus, cryengine 3, why you so bootaful 🙂

  • I don’t think my little donation will help to get their backing. 17days left and only 79K out of the 350K they are asking. A shame, it looks and sounds like a cool game.

    • That’s loads of time. They might not make many stretch goals if the videos on Kotaku and the like don’t create a big surge of interest, but I wouldn’t have too many concerns about them getting to their goal.

  • All I could think by the end of the video was “wow, those guys are young”. And yeah, the kickstarter page says they are all/were uni students… pretty damned ambitious.

  • I am hoping that this (either by design or by inspiration) brings about the end of one of my greatest annoyance in first person games… the fact that no matter where you hit an enemy they dont seem to flinch correctly.

    Think about it with games like Call of Duty, when you shoot someone with a shot gun they either fall over dead or flinch… I mean any person would be knocked onto the bones of their rear end regardless…

    I understand the potential for a system like this to fail with more medieval games (if you could knock everyone over by hitting em in the knees for example, leveling up could be pointless if you just pin an enemy down by knee capping them), but still

    • No, generally you just fall down when you get shot, your legs give out and you collapse. No flying backwards Hollywood style or arm flailing involved, you may put a little spin in your fall, but nothing to fancy when being shot.

      • What I am talking about isn’t the realism of deaths, I more refering to the actions that take place when a general hit is made. I mean a person in body armor that takes a hit with a shot gun isn’t necessarily die (dependant on factors such as range etc) but they certainly gonna barrel over, or stagger pretty hard.

        I do understand some games make an effort with this, but there still are those that don’t (and some of those have pretty good physics engines incorporated)

        I realise that for multiplayer this would be unfeasable (the enjoyment of the game would be pretty small if all people did was stagger each other with their weapons) but for single player content I think it would be something nice to add to the game.

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