IndieGameStand's Extended Valentine's Day Sale Has 80+ Discounted Games

PC game sales are a plentiful species — one cannot strap their cybernetic Wellingtons onto their feet and venture into the pouring deluge that is the internet without stepping in a proverbial puddle of discounted indie titles. That doesn't stop them from being quite fantastic, as IndieGameStand's celebration of the most commercially romantic day of the year proves.

Here's a snippet of the games included in the sale, courtesy of IndieGames' Lena LeRay:

0RBITALIS Airship Dragoon Angvik Audio Venture Aztaka Battletank: L.O.B.A. Dungeon of Elements Eight Days In Convoke Ethan Meteor hunter Exteria Fall Weiss Finding Teddy GhostControl Inc. Gimbal Greed Grotesque Tactics Huenison Jump/Boxer King Arthur's Gold Leave Home Lightfish Love Miner Wars 2081 Miner Wars Arena Multilytheus P-3 Biotic Pandora Purge of Pride Party of Sin Pixelry Plazma Being Plush QbQbQb + 4 mini games QRTH-PHYL QuestRun Space Salvager Spud's Quest Star Hammer Tactics StarDrone Steam Marines Stellar Impact Stonerid Strategic War in Europe Subject 9 Super Lemonade Factory Survivor Squad Trapped Dead Trauma Trave Ultimate Space Commando Unstoppable Gorg Volt

If any of those take your fancy, or the fancy of someone looking over your shoulder as you read this, then hit up IndieGameStand and spend your lovely coins on one, two, or thirteen games.

Valentine's Weekend Sale — Save up to 80% on over 80 Indie Games! [IndieGameStand, via IndieGames]


    All i wanted to do was to save for my new motherboard...

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