Join The KKK And S--t Your Pants: South Park's Achievements Are Awesome

Join the KKK and S—t Your Pants: South Park's Achievements Are Awesome

Achievement reveals have lost some of their appeal here over the years. But then I see the list for South Park: The Stick of Truth and I feel compelled to share it. Here's the very first one, for 15 Gamerscore. "New Kid on the Block: Join the KKK."

"Fling a turd that you created at an enemy in combat," reads another. "Shit your pants during a boss battle." "Fart on people 100 times," is another (to win the "Canadian Handshake" achievement.)

Holy goddamn, this game is going to be a laugh riot.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Achievements [Xbox 360]


    My favourite is the 'Are we Cool?' achievement which is to find Jesus while playing as a Jew.

    All achievements will be replaced by a crying koala for the Australian release.

    Holy goddamn, this game is going to be a laugh riot.

    if you're really into constant jokes about shit, maybe.
    I prefer a sense of humour that's a bit more mature than the average 7 year olds'.

      South Park has always been pretty good at blending the toilet humour of a preschooler with some very dark and biting satire.

        I've found their episodes have either been brilliant satire (the one with Britany Spears), or purile dick jokes / toilet humour (mr Hankey etc.).

        there's very few episodes that have any overlap.

      You are in fact, so mature, that you would click through to an article about something you despise, just so you can tell everyone how mature you are.

        I clicked through because the article header promised 'awesome' achievements.
        read the article, saw they were all about shit, commented my opinion stating as such.

        Stanley Parable has 'awesome' / funny achievements. This game, does not.

          To be fair the article header does say "join the KKK and s--t your pants".

          Did you not expect those "awesome achievements" would be based around dick jokes / toilet humour? I mean, it's not like South Park suddenly became the New Yorker just because it has an xbox gamer...

    Based on those selected in the article I would say the game isn't going to be funny. Maybe that's just because its out of context though.

      Achievement lists are a pretty bad way to judge a game. Looking over it they've used a fairly standard collect everything, use the weapon X times, beat the levels,etc list. Plenty of great games have lists like these, only instead of poo jokes they have over used memes and pop culture references.
      It's pretty rare for the writers to work on the achievement lists, and even when they do they typically come at it with the same level of creativity they'd put into scribbling on a men's room wall.

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