Let's Figure Out This New Deep Down Trailer

Let's Try and Figure Out This New Deep Down Trailer

It seems like every teaser for Capcom's big, upcoming PS4 title is designed to confuse viewer with a bunch of random dialogue and rabid monster enemies, while showing off the bleeding-edge tech that makes it run. This one is no different. Still... look at that fire!

The voiceover narration in this new clip — meant to celebrate the Japanese release of the PS4 — gives some more hints of a time travel scenario amidst all the fantasy trappings. Those feral living treasure chests show up again, too, along with a few more enemy types. And it wouldn't be a Capcom game be without a giant crab-like beastie, right? Of course not.


    Good english voice actors, good music. Weird looking game.

    This looks really interesting I can't wait to check it out.

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