Looks Like GlaDOS Works For NASA Now

GlaDOS is all about science, she's all about research. So where better for GlaDOS to end up than NASA?

Produced by NASA's education & public outreach department, the above video stars the voice of GlaDOS Ellen McLain, basically reprising her role from Portal and Portal 2, to teach students about Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission.

Thanks GlaDOS. You tried to kill me. You tried to obliterate me and grind my bones to dust, but now you are teaching me science and I appreciate that.

Via Wired


    Ah, that was wonderfully silly.

    I especially love that the name of the AI is NOTGLADOS.

    At first I read it as: "GLaDOS Works for NSA Now", and I was like "WHY ARE THEY MAKING JOKES ABOUT THIS?".

    Then I realised it said NASA, and I was like "Yeah! Science Bitch!".

    But in all seriousness that was pretty awesome. I love the Rick Astley part at the end!

    that was funny :) i like that Valve game them permission to use GLaDOS and the Aperture Science names :)

    Loved the ending. What do Nucelar Scientists eat for lunch? Fission Chips. Thank you, I'm here all week. Try the carrots. Seriously though, this pretty much confirms Half Life 3.

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