Man Robs Cop Car As Superman Does Nothing

Hollywood is a very specific weird, but there's nothing quite as weird as watching a man brazenly mock heroes and villains while he robs a cop car.

In footage, taken by a KTLA photographer on Hollywood Blvd, a man shouts "I Love Jesus", then proceeds to smash the window of a police cruiser and saunter off with a laptop. All this while men dressed as Superman and Darth Vader do nothing to either stop or assist the crime respectively.

Look, I don't blame them — they're just dudes in suits after all and Vader is acting in character. But when asked why Superman did nothing to stop the crime, he said, perfectly, "It's not my job to get in the middle."

Hollywood, man.

KTLA via Dangerous Minds


    Well... it is true. It's not Superman's job, it's more of an all-consuming hobby.

    He might have had kryptonite in his pocket and an anti force choke collar on..

    Sort of crazy how the author expects the superheroes to be superheroes when US kotaku consider themselves journalists

    I'm glad he didn't get involved, he probably would have destroyed 3 or 4 city blocks for no reason.

    My answer would have been "This is just a costume, I'm not really Superman/Darth Vader."

    That criminal was just dumb besides being filmed the whole time he obviously didn't make a get away as he was casually trying to access the laptop which left him open to a Tazering and being pinned by 4 cops.

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