Mario Kart 8 Is Out In May

What could help sell Wii U consoles? A new Mario Kart. This new trailer for Mario Kart 8 shows that Bowser's little Koopalings are all playable in the new racer.

The game's out on 30 May.

UPDATE: Mario Kart 8 will be released 31 May in Australia.


    Am I the only one who's thinking that updated versions of Mario Kart and Smash Bros aren't going to be what helps Nintendo shift millions of extra consoles? Sure they're popular franchises but if you have previous versions on the Wii for example, or a choice of 7 previous Mario Karts, are you going to run out and go 'I must buy a Wii U for that slightly upgraded Karting game before saying it was best on the N64'?

      Myself, I've been waiting until more of the Mario/DK titles are out before buying a Wii U. I know there's a decent amount now, but I figure it can't hurt to wait. Reasons why I can wait? I know that it's nothing revolutionary, but it's an HD Wii with some fun games. Just want to, hopefully, spend a little less by getting a bundle of some kind.

      I completely disagree with you.... Mario Kart was Double Dash on Gamecube!
      hahah :)

        What are you guys on about? I haven't played any mariokarts since the original so I know that one was the best.

        SNES 4 EVA!!!!

          The Battle mode on the old SNES is the peak and pinnacle of the Mario Kart games - having said that I'm yet to take the Wii version online so there's scope to be disproven here

            It was ok...
            They did try some online shenanigans at the time via a dedicated super mario wii channel. You could log on and look for coins and stuff that got updated via the channel. MP online was ok but should have been better. It was messy.

        Most definitely. DD is by far the best.

          Also agreed. The switching of characters and storing of items added so much strategy and skill!

      I've seen loads of people around the place say that they're holding off until Smash and/or Mario Kart releases to pick one up. It won't be the one thing that makes it an ultimate success, but I'm pretty sure it's going to help a lot.

      And FTR, Mario Kart was best on the GBA and DS.

    Still the greatest party game of all time... Shame no one ever comes over to my house anymore...

    If they drop the console price and do a bundle, it might push me over the edge.

    Gosh this better be good after taking this long to release. It should've been available at launch.

    Me and my son have been waiting for this one since we got the wii u. He was complaining about how long it was taking last night. He's pumped!

    This might actually get me to power on my Wii U again.

    New game(s). Many people. Much snacks and alcohol. Such good times. Wow.

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