Mark Hunt Makes It Into EA Sports UFC

If you know mixed martial arts, you most like know Mark Hunt. The Super Samoan, the native New Zealander fighting out of Sydney, Australia. He might be one of the most recognisable UFC fighters on the planet and now EA has announced he will be part of EA Sports UFC.

Mark Hunt's story is a unique one. A former K1 world champion in kick boxing, Mark Hunt had mixed results in the world of mixed martial arts, beating legends like Wanderlei Silva and Crocop, before going on a now legendary six fight losing streak. When the UFC acquired the Japanese company Pride, they wanted no part of Mark Hunt, to the point where President Dana White offered to buy him out of his contract. Hunt said no, I want to fight.

The rest is history. Mark Hunt went on a tear, destroying top fighters one after another with brutal knockout after brutal knockout, before losing in the third round to ex-Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos with a broken toe.

Most recently he fought to a draw with Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva in a fight many called the greatest Heavyweight bout in MMA history.

He also likes KFC. A lot.


    Are they doing post-fight interviews? He'll be an easy one, they'll only need to record two words.

      No need to animate any post-haymaker ground and pound either.

      The basic walking animation should cover it just fine.


    Reporter: Mark, fantastic news about you making it in to the UFC game. I'm sure gamers everywhere are looking forward to taking control of your character and fighting Bigfoot amongst other UFC greats. What are your thoughts on the matter?
    Mark: It's good.

      Funnily enough, I'm interviewing Mark Hunt tomorrow and this is pretty much how I'm expecting it to go.

        Just frame EVERY question so that it can be answered with "It's Good".

        Do you think it's good or bad that you are now in EA Sports UFC?
        Do you think it's good or bad how they have rendered you?
        Do you think this interview is good or bad?

        Awesome! Will it be posted here or elsewhere? I assume it's about the game?

          It'll be posted here (once I write it up!)

          Also -- saw your post on /mma -- thanks mate :)

    The super Samoan ? Is that Samoa Joe ?

    Man, who doesn't love Mark Hunt? Guy's a legend. I still love watching his fight with Ray Seffo, even if it is kind of dumb :-)

    While I think it is great he is included I would have been shocked if he wasn't - all top 10 fighters in each division should be included in this game.

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