Massive Battle Inspires 15,000 New Players To Join Eve Online

Massive Battle Inspires 15,000 New Players To Join Eve Online

War! What is it good for? Mainstream media attention and a massive influx of fresh pilots to the ever-growing universe of EVE Online.

This chart, presented today by CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson, shows the number of trial accounts for the company’s flagship space MMO over the game’s 10-year history.

See the spike in 2014? That’s the direct result of the massive battle in EVE Online last week, when a missed bill payment threw an entire solar system up for grabs. The real-world value of the ships lost in that battle neared $US300,000, drawing the attention of major news outlets and capturing the interest of around 15,000 folks who signed up for a free trial to see what the hubbub was all about.

How many of those 15,ooo new players EVE Online retains remains to be seen, but a massive amount of fresh eyes on your 10-year-old MMO can’t be a bad thing.


  • Ive tried EVE twice………its alright but I can never seem to get into it as much as all the other people. I just tend to get lost…………maybe I just have not found the right corperation to join??

    • I find the reports of EVE battles far more interesting than playing. EVE feels so… I don’t know, I just find I have sense of ownership of my property outside of “heck, there goes x hours of grinding”

    • These days there are a bunch of very successful corps/alliances that are all about taking in new players, showing them the ropes and having a good time. EVE University is one, they specialise in the educational side of things (their wiki is a great resource for any player: Another is Brave Newbies, they’re more of a “let’s blow things up and have fun” group. Both groups are happy to take players on their very first day.

  • Nope its painfully slow to start, it takes months to train skills (as they are all time based) as any decent corp requires a minimum set of skills to be able to fly x/y/z, then thats not to mention that people who have played for years take great joy in teaching you lessons the hard way (i.e. conning you, blackmailing you, blowing up your ship) unless you do an huge amount of research first.

    I foresee Star Citizen putting a major dent in EVE’s current numbers or ability to attract new players.

  • Are we sure it’s the battle that inspired these new players? I would wager that it’s more the monument they claim they will build with every active players name on it.

    • The monument was only announced today, signups have spiked over the past week since B-R5RB.

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