Microsoft Teases JRPG Fans [Updated]

Microsoft Teases JRPG Fans

That's Phil Spencer, one of Microsoft's top gaming executives. Sakaguchi, of course, is Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, now at Mistwalker, where he has released a few Xbox-exclusive JRPGs like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

Hope Phil isn't just messing with us, because the Xbox One sure could use some JRPGs. (I've reached out to Microsoft to see if this is for real.)

UPDATE: Guess he was joking:


    I just found the diffilculty in Lost Odyssey to be too hard, really enjoyed the story. In short, PLEASE JUST PUT MORE DIFFCULTY LEVELS IN UR GAME FOR SCRUBS LIKE ME.

      Agreed I like jrpg's but there not my thing, but adding diffuculty settings would open up the market a bit more for people who arnt into hours of grinding

        lost Odyssey wasn't even remotely difficult though, the hardest part of the whole game was the first fight and all you had to do was have 1 character spam heal and the other attack and that was literally it.

        Personally I hate the staggered difficulty, often the hardest one is behind an arbitrary BS new game plus and even then most of the changes are just enemies drop 50% more/less loot or you take 50% more damage. It just makes the game cheap and hollow.

        Instead it's much better to have one singular difficulty where things are properly tuned and the enemy AI is the most important part of the difficulty.

        On topic I'm pumped that they are making a jrpg. Though I'm about as skeptical as is physically possible. The amount of true Jrpg's in the entire last generation that were actually good and not just average can be counted on a single hand. Most of them were abysmal like enchanted arm/ff13 (1-2-3)/everything square tried from last revenant to infinite undiscovery.

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          Yeah well, I found it difficult. I play a lot of games for the story, not for the challenge of needing to read a guide to play or alternatively playing the same boss with some RNG 1 hit move like 20 times. I really enjoyed Bravely Default/TWEWY because of their multiple difficulty options and the fact of the matter is, they need to be making these games more appealing to the broader market and selling these games to more than just hardcore JRPG fans like you.

          Last Revenant, infinite undiscovery, ff13/13-2, star ocean tlh. All really, really terrible games. Mainly due to their story/characters more than anything else, but that is the biggest part of a JRPG.

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            I actually like ff13 story. The battle might be a chore but the story is great.

              I felt a distinct lack in the identity of the bad guys, as well as their reasoning for doing so.

              Often when I loaded the game and it reads to you the last bit from the written chapters, I was often like "uh, when the hell did that happen", I've heard other people voicing the same complaints, seems the written narrative is a lot more forthcoming with things than the actual game one is.

            Oh god star ocean, as a massive fan of the PS1 games like Second story (finished that probably 5 or 6 times) that game was a huge letdown and for the silliest reason.

            That absurd girl character who said KAYYY ad nauseam, in every cut scene and made me want to rip my ears off and blend them. *shudders* Just thinking about it makes me ill, that voice over single handedly ruined that game.

            Also someone needs to punk Phil Spencer, something where he thinks he's been kidnapped and going to die, maybe some Somali pirates. That will teach him a lesson, you don't mess with jrpg fans we are crazy :P

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          Nope. Greater choice is always better. There's absolutely nothing in hell tat could ever say you couldn't have your difficulty and have another option for others. Persona 4 Golden for Vita added more difficulty levels years after its original release and never affected the default settings at all. Telling people what's "best" from only your perspective is ignorant and egotistical.

      I really didnt find Lost Odyssey Hard you just had to think about each monsters weakness and you had to use a element to defeat it.


      Lost Odyssey if you played it was a lot less grindy then most jrpgs. Also you say open up the market for jrpgs well they have been doing that and its one of the reasons jrpgs have been on the decline......

        Yeah, because they dont really make them less grindy imo. Also some have terrible stories and annoying cliche characters.

        Bravely Defautl has cut down on the crap a lot in traditional JRPGs and it is doing fairly well by all accounts. (maps showing where to go, characters whos voices dont make me want to punch things, MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY LEVELS, ability to fast forward combat, save nearly anytime you want, have the characters repeat their last moves so the game isnt like 5 hours of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX when your not fighting bossess).

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    I really hope it's not an xbox exclusive. I loved the Last Story and I'm missing Sakaguchi's style.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but Phil has responded:

    "I was joking, he said to humor him."

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      "I like Sakaguchi-san, doing BD and LO was really great. Apologies again if I created anticipation. I haven't talked MW in awhile."

      Nothing to see here, move along.

    I'm sorry but Xbox and JRPGs are like tuna milkshakes. They just don't go together.

    I liked them both, would be happy to get a jrpg early in while there's still ample time to finish it properly before were flooded with games :D

    I just want new Grandia games. Gimme HD ports, reissues, ANYTHING!!! A Grandia Trilogy on Wii U and 3DS would be awesome (if not completely likely). I haven't come across a JRPG with a battle system that is as remotely fun as any of the Grandia titles. Or soundtracks quite as good as the exemplary work Noriyuki Iwadare did. Sigh...

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