More First Person Shooters Like This Please

More First Person Shooters Like This Please

In video games the first person perspective has the potential to be such an intriguing thing, but it’s become famous for shooting people in the same old ways, with the same old mechanics and the same old colour palette. Telos is a game that looks to change all that, and even in its early stages, it looks fantastic.

According to the game’s creator, Justin Pierce, Telos is an attempt to rethink the multiplayer first person shooter.

First thing you notice in the above video is the speed. Second thing? The jumps. Jumps work more like, say, Super Mario Bros. than Call of Duty or Halo. Holding down the jump button enables you to jump higher, for longer. According to Pierce, he wants to encourage mastery of movement. That sounds good to me.

And then there’s the whole zero gravity thing. Telos will take place in place with gravity, and spaces without gravity. Think Mario Galaxy from the first person perspective. That’s a good image to have.

Despite the fact Telos is clearly in its early stages, I love what looks like a stark, simple, clean art style bursting with colour and vibrancy. First person shooters need that. In a weird way Telos looks like an anti-first person shooter, a game with the settings all dialed in the opposite direction. That’s a good thing.

Find out more about Telos here.

Via Eurogamer


  • *Cough*Tachikoma*cough* They’ll have to change that, there was a PS1 GitS game with Tachikoma. I loved that.

    Also, Titanfall’s promising the same thing, though with a less arcade-y feel. Competitive games are always going to sell more, though Quake 3 and UT both had awesome low-gravity modes.

  • Like the concept but even watching that video the input looks frustratingly fuzzy/laggy. It never seemed to have crisp, precise movement.

    Plus that guy is going to get sued by the Ghost in the Shell people…

  • Shit, the game got my attention with the Grapple Hook. More games need to utilise a swinging/grapple hook concept. Even some of the crappier games of the past 10 years (like Spiderman 2 and Bionic Commando) were fun enough purely because of their swinging mechanic. I want more games that give you the sense of chaotic but fluid physics based momentum that takes some time to master but just feels so damn good when you get it right.

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