Murdered: Soul Suspect Is Headed To Next-Gen

Airtight just confirmed an Xbox One version of its upcoming detective game. It will also be on 360, PS3 and PC. No word on PS4 yet (but that's likely coming, or else Microsoft would be touting the exclusivity).


    "or else Microsoft would be touting the exclusivity" - Why? Its confirmed for PS3 as per your article......I smell a fan boy

      We all know how Microsoft slaps the word exclusive the moment a game is announced.

        Sony and Nintendo don't?

          Nintendo is really cool they don't start saying exclusive or stuff but we all know when they announce a new game it is always only for nintendo family.

          Maybe because of my semi fanboyism I felt Microsoft brags too much about exclusivity of their games. When it is exclusive you can see the word exclusive in every advertisement, posters every paid news article every interview. I get it that it's exclusive but there is no need to emphasize it that much :(

        and why wouldn't you? I see nothing wrong with it all, in fact Im glad they do it. It creates healthy competition and sells consoles, more consoles sold means more chances of it staying exclusive and the longer it stays exclusive the more time the developer has to iron out the creases and polish the series. Gears of War is a prime example....just try and forget about "People can Fly"

    Xbox One and PS4 are CURRENT GEN. Next gen is implying whatever they release in the future.

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