Music Is Coming To Steam

Music Is Coming To Steam

Valve's in the process of testing something called Steam Music. Before you freak out and worry that Valve's getting into the music business, relax: this isn't a Spotify competitor. It's just a way to integrate your existing music collection with Steam.

It's a pretty simple idea. You tell Steam which directory your music is in, and Steam can then play it all while you're gaming, including album art.

This might sound a bit naff for most games, but for more ponderous experiences - I'm looking at you, Civ & Total War - the ability to play my own music instead of listening to the same score for the 1,455,346st time, will be blessed relief

Steam Music [Valve]


    Basically what the original xbox did with ripped cds? It was a nice feature at the time I guess but then I have a media PC right next to my gaming PC so I can't see it as something I'm likely to use

    Um, through the Steam client? It's clunky enough as it is, I don't think giving it another 100GB of files to sift through is going to do it any good...

    I was hoping this would be a Spotify competitor. Spotify is the devil of "legal" streaming services.
    Royalty system is rubbish. I wonder why record companies still support it.

      the royalty system as opposed to what? It seems more cost effective and cuts out corporate record companies as middle-men, people are gonna pirate otherwise so spotify offering a free solution for people has really been the one thing to save the music industry from a ginormous crash.

      Because it's a source of revenue, and any revenue is better than none at all.

    thats pretty cool - i will probably use it when i build a steam box.
    I hope they bring out other multimedia capabilities instead of having to have shortcuts for apps like xbmc with custom scripts/launchers like for non steam games.

    I don't get it... I'm already able to run windows media player and choose whatever music i want... or spotify... and just disable in-game music... whats the point of this? just another thing trying to play my mp3s...

    Sounds great. Now all they need is to make it able to play video files. Think XBMC with the ability to play your Steam games. My HTPC would get so much more use.

    I would love to have steam be a music service.. specially with all the video game soundtracks and stuff they would have on there.

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