Mystery Pokémon Found Hidden In X & Y's Code Is Star Of Upcoming Movie

Mystery Pokémon Found Hidden In X & Y's Code Is Star of Upcoming Movie

Officially, there are 718 known Pokémon... unless you count the three mysterious Pokemon found in X & Y's code, that is. While we reported the existence of unannounced Pokémon back in November of last year, it wasn't until last night that we started hearing details about what the deal with these Pokémon is.

Obviously, if you'd rather not be spoiled on upcoming, possibly legendary event Pokemon, you should stop reading now.

Pokémon news website Serebii reports that the latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has details on the upcoming Pokémon movie, which is reportedly called Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie. As we originally reported, Diancie is supposed to be a rock/fairy type — but we don't know how it'll be officially distributed just yet. A tie-in event with the movie might be likely given how Pokémon like Diancie have been distributed in the past. If you'd like to see official artwork of the Pokemon, you can do so here. Otherwise, here's an in-game refresher:

Mystery Pokémon Found Hidden In X & Y's Code Is Star of Upcoming Movie

The other two Pokémon found in X & Y's code, Volcanion and Hoopa — are still 'officially' unaccounted for. Still, the fact that details about Diancie are starting to emerge means we might just have to sit tight and be patient. It might be a matter of time before we can all have the three Pokémon in our own Pokedexes without resorting to hacking — as hacking was the original method used to acquire these Pokémon last year.

(Via Serebii)


    I Remember back in the days, it was 151 Pokémon... and sometimes that was a challenge to remember...

      The Pokemon rap totally helped.

        I still sing it in my head sometimes, but it gets a bit muddled up since their was no order in the rap anyway :p

    I was hoping this would be DLC. Possible new area of the Kalos region to be explored. Not a movie event thing :\

    Sapphire and Ruby remakes pl0x


    Damn, and here I was guessing it was Missingno...

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