New Dark Souls II Trailer Tries Not To Be Depressing

Everyone who's rabidly awaiting the arrival of Dark Souls II knows that it's going to a nihilistic affair where they will die a lot. Nobody's fooling themselves. But, hey, this new trailer wants you to know all that painful trial-and-error builds character. It's even got some sunshine in it!

The dialogue in the promo clip for From Software's latest sounds like it's pulled directly from high-school football coaches' speeches and inspirational posters. "This is about your will to keep going… not giving up when it feels like all is lost." You know, Dark Souls II seem like the kind of game where players really could use a motivational speaker bucking up their spirits as they play. Someone get on that.


    It's good, but just a pity that the first half is all from Dark Souls 1.
    i want more new content!

    Feels like that should have ended with a push in on that knight's feet to reveal he was wearing nike's

    After the narrator said "this is about doing what you were meant to do" I was expecting an endless amount of death scenes afterwards

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