New Power Rangers Toy Has An Erection

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

The latest Super Sentai (aka Power Rangers) series in Japan is train themed. That means a whole slew of new toys. And one of them can get what looks like a giant train boner. All aboard!

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

The new instalment is called Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー) or, loosely, "Furious Train Squadron Limited Express Rangers". The Japanese "Tokkyuujaa" (トッキュウジャー) is written as a stylised "ToQger" in English.

As in previous Super Sentai shows, all the heroes join together to form a giant robot. In toy form, it look like this:

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

Important: You must remember to fold the red train all the way up.

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

Otherwise, you'll get a train boner.

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

Hey, that looks kinda heavy!

New Power Rangers Toy Has an Erection

Ah, there we go. Much better.

「烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー」のロボwwww [オタク.コム]

Photos: アストロ温泉, 人生を考えたくなる一枚, ZEXIV, 烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー 第1話


    Regardless of the raging erection, it looks like a very boring toy.

    Wow that is one of the crappier looking Zords in the series and that's saying a lot.

    How did they fall so low? My Megazord/Ultrazord was awesome!

    Not my photos but yes, I had the whole kit :) I'll never know how much my poor parents paid.

      Erm... That second one also has an erection...

        Don't erections usually originate from the groin and not your feet?

          Because Japan.

    I wonder how the people behind Parody Rangers feel about their Thomas the Tank Engine zords joke becoming as much as a reality as it could be in the latest series. At least their Zord was a lot better than what Toei came up with...

    I'm starting to think that after nearly 40 years Toei might be running out of ideas for the Super Sentai franchise, oh weel, at least people seem to be enjoying Gaimu.

    i want to buy this toys, where is to buy it? and how much ? thanks.

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