New Trailer: EA Sports UFC

Still no release date yet for the game (last word was that it would be sometime after March), but here's a detailed look at the fighters' distinct features and animations. The game is for Xbox One and PS4.


    Awesome, have been getting bored with the other UFC games. hopefully it turns out great.

    Still VERY little fighting actually being shown.

    It’s one of those sports that’s so complex that while I’m very interested, I don’t want to get excited until someone who knows what they’re talking about has actually had a chance to play it.

    I’ve got a really bad feeling that EA are more interested in getting Anthony Pettis’ cage-kick looking rad than they are in making the grappling controls work.
    I’d love to be wrong though.

    Also I wonder if they’ll be able to get Brock Lesnar into the game? The UFC let the WWE use his likeness while he was fighting for them.

    God they make games look so good now. The material of the clothes look so realistic.

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