No, Staring At A Screen Won’t Ruin Your Eyes

“TV will ruin your eyes!” they warned us, “Stop staring at a screen!” Shows what those suckers know, because they’re wrong.

Watch as Discovery News breaks down the history of an urban legend that just won’t die — that staring at TV will ruin your eyes. Sure, eye strain is real and you should still rest and go outside, but looking at a screen won’t fry your vision. I told you, mum!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bank of monitors to blankly look at before going home and staring at my television.

Discovery News via Laughing Squid


  • it won’t ruin your eyes, but prolonged exposure in front of a screen with no rest can lead to eyesore and eyestrain.

    not even just screens, it could happen to with books and other things, if the eye is focused on an immobile subject for long periods of time.

    • But there is a difference between “eye strain” and “ruin your eyes” =P

      One is a by product of “fatigue” which happens to everyone when doing the same activity over and over again. “Ruin Your Eyes” however implies that watching TV can actually cause defects which isn’t simply true.

      That’s actually whats been pointed out in the video – screens causes eye strain but not damage =P

  • I got told this so much when I was little. Not so much from sitting too close but just playing games etc at normal distance. Yet still, after 10 or more years my eye sight is fine, I get the occasional eye strain from staying up to late and not enough rest but that’s my fault, not the screen/tv. I’ll have to remember to look at a distant object every so often though, with my recently bought 27″ monitor i’ll need to take some strain off.

  • So you’re telling me that my lifetime of deteriorating eyesight just COINCIDENTALLY stopped getting worse at the same point in my life when I started taking proper regular breaks from working at a computer in my office job? Because, you know, my vision DID stop getting worse when I started being more responsible with my computer time. So, you know, I’ll take my own experience over a youtube video cheers.

    ps nobody in my family nor extended family are shortsighted, only me.

    • Agreed, my eyesight started deteriorating when I increased my screen-time with an office job. Potentially the blame lies with cheap monitors the company bought, but maybe we’re just the outliers mrwaffle… sucks to be us if so, but I think more research needs to be done before we can conclusively say anything.

      • No it’s already conclusive, you likely have other issues which are entirely unrelated to the screen.

        Much like those “gamers” that go on school shooting, the games weren’t the problem, it was the mental issues. So in this case the Tv/monitor isn’t the problem its your own physical problem or ailment which inhibits you from normal/comparable usage of your eyes like everyone else.

  • not watching the video but the don’t sit too close thing was directed at CRT’s which emit electromagnetic radiation or something like that. LCD’s are just screens so no big deal but the whole point was with CRT’s.

  • My eyesight tanked when I went from a month long UT binge to two months of being outside not focusing on a single monitor. Needed glasses ever since, didn’t before this.

  • My eyesight is slowly deteriorating and after having many tests and speaking to different doctors i’ve learned that it’s not necessarily looking at a screen that’s bad, it’s looking at something so strongly and so close for long periods (ie at work) that is doing it, although the light from the screen doesn’t help.

    They told me that prolonged staring and focusing on something so close to your face screws with the way the lens inside your eye is flexed. As it’s only focused on the one thing constantly and doesn’t refocus on anything further away, it can lock you into only being able to focus on things close to you, and make it harder for the lens to be focussed on anything futher away.

    They say to take regular breaks away from the computer and look at things far away as well as close up every hour to help train you eyes to focus on things close AND far away so this doesn’t happen, but that’s easier said than done (especially on a deadline).

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