Not All Kids Think Video Games Are Good For You

Not All Kids Think Video Games Are Good For You

Now that YouTuber Game Dave and his army of young, free-spelling youngsters have weighed in on the console war, it’s time to tackle a tougher issue — are video games bad for you?

Yes. Also, no. Maybe?

I’d giggle at the hysterical spelling errors of children under 10, but some of these look an awful lot like my posts before (and sometimes after) I hit the spellchecker.

Instead I mourn the fact that eight-year-old Marie counts eating things you never ate before as a negative. What are we teaching our children?


  • My God… I tried so hard not to wet myself laughing at work. that is such a funny video 🙂

    • I LOVE the way he pronounces the spelling errors as they’re written, as if there’s nothing wrong with them, without missing a beat. Pure excellence.

  • I’m more concerned about how a 8yr old kid enjoys playing GTA5 because he gets to take cars, ohhhhhh boyyy parents at their finest.

  • Poor Poor Marie 8Yrs Old @1:34. Parents must be punishing the little one for playing by making her eat bad things….mace mi sad :(?

  • I played a video game once…..ended up eating a fried goanna topped with a cherry………..I never eat cherries!!

  • I really wonder if the parents who let them play COD and GTA would let their kids watch The Terminator or Speed(?). Although could be the siblings.

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