Now Here's A Titanfall-Themed Xbox One That I'd Buy

Now Here's A Titanfall-Themed Xbox One That I'd Buy

Sleek, classy and minimalist: it's hard for me not to like this Titanfall-themed Xbox One. If nothing else, it's definitely better than the mock-up that was floating around in a rumour dump recently.

Here are a few more shots — you can expand the picture, if you'd like:

Now Here's A Titanfall-Themed Xbox One That I'd Buy

Nice, right? The Xbox above belongs to Reddit user nal1200. Making it might be simpler than you expect, depending on your Photoshop skills. Here's nal1200, listing what was used to make it:

The skin, anyone can buy — heck, you could get a different one more to your liking. The logo was designed, which means that if you wanna do something similar, you'll need to know some design stuff. Naturally, both these things also require some extra cash to be able to afford it all, but the results speak for themselves.

For comparison's sake, here's the Titanfall mock-up, which, who knows, may never see the light of day:

Now Here's A Titanfall-Themed Xbox One That I'd Buy

I'll take the classier lookin' Xbox, I think!

(Via Reddit)


    If I didn't already have an X1, I'd get this or the white one MS gave to staff. That was awesome.

    Seeing the lack of split screen games my wife wants me to get a 2nd xb1 instead of a ps4 :|

      haha im in the exact same boat, so that means a second tv to go with it :( im going to be broke.

        We already have twwo TV's as we had two 360's lan

          Was the investment worth it? Im still on the fence about the whole thing. BF4 and Titanfall are the reasons we are looking into it. Plus theres project spark, Plants vs Zombies GW and Evolve coming soon.

            Havnt invested yet, my wife wants to get a 2nd one purely for evolve.....she's a mega left for dead fan.

    I actually quite like both of them. They both share a certain simplicity, the fan mockup more so, that you don't see all that often. Normally with special editions they come out looking like billboards, and personally I prefer the XBOX 360 that would look at home in Rapture to the one that is promotional material for BioShock.

    I've been holding out on buying an Xbox one purely because I'm waiting (and hoping) for a titanfall special edition console.

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