Dayshot: Now That's A Video Game Tattoo Done Right

Dhalsim from Street Fighter, becoming one with its owner's leg. Hopefully it looks just as cool from angles other than the one in the photo.

Dhalsim Street Fighter II [Tattoo Artist, via Reddit]

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    Something like this isn't new
    Plenty of One Piece tattoos where Luffy's arm connects with the individual's hand.

      First I saw was the Luffy one! That was killer! This one isn't really meh.. technically it's a great tat, but not a new thing. I saw another arm one with a totally different character somewhere not long ago.. can't recall who it was though, but it was equally as awesome as the Luffy one!

        The one thing I think of when I see the Luffy one:
        "Does that mean, when he masturbates, Luffy is jacking him off?"

    He's cleverly using the shadow of the chair's side to obscure the non-tat part of his shin. Makes me wonder if it really looks any cool in normal situations.

      Probably not.

      Last edited 15/02/14 3:45 pm

      I think you'll find that the shading is actually tattooed in and not from the chair

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