Now There’s A Humble Sid Meier Bundle!

Now There’s A Humble Sid Meier Bundle!

We’ve had the Humble Indie Bundle, then we had bundles created featuring games from one specific publisher. Now things are being taken to the next level: we now have a Humble Bundle featuring games created by one man! And that man is Sid Meier.

And of course, if you were going to have a bundle using games created by one human being*, Sid Meier is one of a handful of people it could be.

*Of course games are created by huge teams, not one single man, but you know what I mean!

The bundle features a number of classics: Civilization III, Civilization IV, Ace Patrol, Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies, and Railroads!

If you pay more than the average you get the latest Civ effort, Civilization V, along with the Gods and Kings DLC. If you pay more than $15 the Brave New World DLC is also thrown in. The charity being supported with this bundle is Action Against Hunger.

For Sid Meier fans, I’m guessing this deal might be a bit redundant. You’ve probably got all of these games already. But for people looking to play catch up with Meier’s library? This is a must buy. A must buy.


  • $15 for the Brave New World expansion alone is worthwhile considering it’s $50 to us on Steam. If you don’t already have CiV at all, you’re crazy if you don’t jump on this.

    • YeahI think I paid around $15 in the Steam holiday sale for it, this is great value considering you can gift Civ V and the rest of the games to friends if you have no interest in them.

      • I’m not sure if that works anymore. To redeem the games you just like your steam profile to your humble bundle account and it adds them to your library directly. I guess you could buy it as a gift and that might just give you codes which you can redeem the high-tier stuff independently, but I’m not sure.

        • There was one bundle where that was true, where it was restricted to redeeming only on your linked Steam account, but that changed back already, you can either instantly redeem on steam or request a key to gift to someone.

          • Oh, fair enough. I just auto-redeemed the last pack (the Codemasters one with Dirt, Overlord etc) directly to Steam so I thought that was just how it worked now.

      • I thought it acts like buying a bundle on Steam, one key for the whole games so you can’t split them up between games you already own and games you want to gift?

        • It seems like the format changes between bundles but for this one at least you can gift and redeem the games individually.

  • I don’t have time for these things… Why oh why! Side note; $15 is the higestd average I’ve ever seen! You still save a stack of money though!

  • I can’t buy this. I’m already doing the frag challenge, having all these games will just make it worse!

  • It could just be me but I can’t seem to find Railroads! on Steam. I have most of the other games but thought I might give it a try. Went to see what it would be on its own but seems its not available in Australia??
    Would buying the bundle unlock it somehow or would Steam just say bad luck when I went to enter the key? Any ideas?

  • I loved Civ2 back in the day. I didn’t like Civ3 much though, for some reason Gandhi really had it in for me in that game, jerk.

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