'Twitch Plays The Legend Of Zelda' Is A Study In Frustration

'Twitch Plays The Legend of Zelda' Is a Study in Frustration

Video gaming's biggest craze of 2014 appears to be the "Twitch Plays" phenomenon, which hit a couple of weeks ago with Pokémon, then grazed Tetris and now has moved to something much more complex: The Legend of Zelda. Watch it streaming on the jump.

If you're sceptical this can actually work, join the club. So far it's a lot of standing around in the first dungeon and getting hit by a Stalfos. Link has infinite health and bombs, so that should help. But no start button?

"The first four dungeons should be beatable without anything but bombs," reasons host Zach Gerlock. "If we somehow get further than that I will have to manually switch items when needed, which fortunately is only a handful of times." He has a more detailed explanation of how this should all work at this link.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysWhatev on www.twitch.tv


    Eh, I'd say it will be less successful. Pokemon works because the entire thing is turn based and the world map is grid based. When inputting the command "left" you're moving one square to the left. With Zelda you're only moving about 1 pixel left, so you need to hold the button down to make any progress.

      Yeah. They've got infinite health and bombs but I think they're going to struggle to actually hit anything.

        The enemies in that game don't really have A.I. They're more programmed to wander about randomly and can't actually recognise Link as part of their game world. I think only projectiles are programmed to fly directly towards the location of Link at the time of their activation.

      Agreed. This only works if the combat is turn-based, otherwise it's pointless.

        Also changing the game so that you have unlimited health and bombs and can't access the start screen kinda changes the game too much from what it originally was.

      I don't know; I think my idea of "Twitch Plays Octodad" will take off! Imagine trying to play that...

    "Video gaming’s biggest craze of 2014 appears to be the “Twitch Plays” phenomenon"

    I'm so out of touch with gaming crazes, I obviously need to give up this hobby


    Coz im that idiot that still enjoys playing single player games. I am dying breed. I seem to be holding back progress. Im sorry everyone that I am holding up the natural evolution of gaming

      That's like saying you should give up on listening to music because One Direction and Justin Beiber are still appealing to tweenage girls.

    First question: this is a thing now?
    Second question: this is a worthwhile thing now?

    "Twitch Plays Dark Souls" needs to be a thing.

      There's no way that could possibly end well.

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