Now Three Studios Are Working On Call Of Duty...

For the entirety of the last generation, the Call of Duty series was run under a two studio set-up with Treyarch and Infinity Ward alternating on a two year schedule. Now Activision has announced that three studios will be involved in the franchise, each on a three year schedule, in order to maintain quality whilst churning out a game a year.

Those three studios will be Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledghammer games.

Activision has something of a history of bleeding its key franchises dry, with Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero being prime examples, but it has done an incredible job of maintaining the momentum of Call of Duty over a seriously long period of time. The three studio system may actually end up working in Activision's favour. It may also end up in the quality bar being raised, with each team being given more time to create each game.

Bobby Kotick claimed that he expected Sledgehammer's Call of Duty game to be "one of if not the best" Call of Duty game yet. But he would say that, wouldn't he!

It'll be interesting to see how the super successful Call of Duty series makes the transition to next generation consoles.


    Does this mean one of them will have the time to finally create a new game engine?

      Probably not. it just means that they will have more time to tweak the Quake 3 engine....

      They need a dedicated team, and a year or two to focus solely on the new engine, build it from the ground up.

      I don't think the 3 teams working on COD have the talent for that honestly. They are not like DICE.

    hopefully the extra year will give people time to think about how to freshen things up a bit. I quite like a bit of COD but I have not bothered to buy one since Modern warfare two.........I just rent them because after a week i've finished the single player and messed around in multiplayer then i'm done, back to blockbuster............its the only reason i go there now which makes me a little sad.

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    The studios may have an extra year to work on the games but that doesn't mean that the community is just flat out bored of the franchise.

      I think the sales figures for each COD game, would seriously disagree with that...

        I dunno, the terrible reviews would seem to suggest otherwise.

          oh dont get me wrong, i totally agree with you guys, but all im saying is that the multitudes of millions of sales they consistently make with every release far from proves people are getting bored of the franchise.

            Agreed. It really is an odd beast. Almost universally panned, yet, record sales each year. It's the 1D of the gaming word. The major demo buying it (or more to the point, having it bought for them), is probably the same age as most 1D fans too.

              Ive been buying into it every year like many others, but i have realistic expectations. i know that im basically buying a map pack, and i accept that. i hate the community the majority of the time, but then again its one of the more balanced shooters out there. Theres no real alternative. ARMA has more bugs in it then an anteaters lifetime food consumption, leaving battlefield the only real contender. i play the crap out of BF, but they each have their own unique qualities. COD is perfect for tight adrenaline inducing shootouts, whereas BF is awesome for strategic vehicle or ground based warfare.

    These just make me sad, COD2 was so good!

      I know I just want a new cod 2. With SKILL focused game play, where running around makes too much noise and gets you killed. Where a single rifle shot from that lovely unscoped kar98k will kill that twit spraying his thompson like a noob giving his position away.

      Sigh, 3 was average, MW 1 was Great, it was new and exciting but i still wanted 2, then they just ruined it. I hate Cod players now, not because they play cod, but because they ruined the best cod but by buying that same game made worse every single year with all the skill taken out of it, especially that spawn BS RAWRAWRAWRAWR.

    maintain quality whilst churning out a game a year.

    'Nuff said.


    They should have FIVE devs working on it at once!

    I know it's lazy of me, but can someone point out any Sledgehammer games please? Can't say the name is ringing a bell at all for me.

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