Now You Can Play Threes Right In Your Browser

Now You Can Play Threes Right In Your Browser

Threes is a really fun, addictive game, but it's only on iOS. Well, someone created a browser-based "demake" of Threes that you can play right in your browser.

The demake was created by developer Benjamin Davis, and it's a cool re-imagining of the art style for the game. It's also WAY HARDER to play without the numbers, or the ability to preview a move.

That said, you really should buy the full, non-demaked game. It's wonderful. If you have an iOS device, get the official Threes here.


    The lack of previews increases difficulty, but the card "numbers" are still identified by grey squares.

      Wait, by preview you meant the half swipe you can do on iOS. I thought you meant the "next card" preview.

    I cannot understand why this wasn't released on Android. Oh well, looks like the developers can't get my money.

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