Ocarina Of Time, In First Person, On The Oculus Rift

Ocarina Of Time, In First Person, On The Oculus Rift

You’ve (hopefully) seen the original Zelda on the Oculus Rift. Now I’d like to bring your attention to the Oculus Rift version of what some consider the best Zelda game — not only is this in first person, which makes the game look way different, but it also lets Link jump whenever you want.

Granted, as Chadtronic notes, this is just a proof of concept — not all functionality is currently present in this version of the game. You can’t, for example, pick up rupees. The game is also limited to the Kokiri Forest, and not all the character models are present. Still, despite being mostly a “walk around” demo, it looks neat!

You can download this for the Oculus Rift here, if you’d like.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Oculus Rift (Kokiri Forest) [Chadtronic]


  • I remember reading somewhere that Miyamoto wanted this game to be in first person, but thought it would be too violent so decided on third instead. Or maybe he always said it was never going to be first because of that reason.

    • I recall the reason being that a lot of work had been done on the character model for Link, but they realised the player would almost never get to see it, so they moved it to third person.

        • I thought it was because the concept didn’t really work that well. I think having the slightly higher viewpoint would have really helped too, giving you a real sense of scale to take in the world. First person can be limiting in a way.

  • Close! The guy who modeled Link complained that no one would see his work if the game was in first person!

  • This is very “proof of concept”

    Looks like they just ported the mesh and textures into another engine like unity.

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