Ocarina Of Time Remade In Minecraft Is Glorious

There are few gaming environments as universally recognisable as Ocarina of Time's. That's why this Minecraft remake, which painstaking recreates the game's overworld, is so powerful. You know these spaces. You know them like the back of your hand.

Thanks to Michelle from CNET for this find.

Creator Kezsonaj said the final build would be released soon for people to explore and it's taken him roughly six months to create. He is also working on Twilight Princess which will be, I imagine, far more work for much less reward!

I love this to death. The idea of something so familiar to me being placed through a brand new filter, it's incredible. You can check out more of Kezsonaj's work here.


    Is it just the overworld stuff though? I mean that is still impressive but it'd be cooler to be able to go inside all the places and dungeons.

      well in order to realistically create a 1:1 scale of the original dungeons, they could use the teleport command with the command blocks to teleport players to another place where the entire dungeon is re-created, instead of cramming the dungeons within the Overworld places where they were meant to be

        Yeah, they could do that. I bet there are a few dungeons or interior areas that would still fit in the allotted spaces.

        Actually, upon reading his forum post, it sounds like he has indeed done most of the interiors, says it's only missing the Adult dungeons, so yeah, that is impressive. Over the years I've attempted building things like thing and it can feel quite impossible to fit things they way you think they should.

    Quote from owner of Project Hyrule -

    "Kezsonaj used to be a member of Project Hyrule, till he stole our map, and claimed it ours. This is basically ours, with the houses and builds resized. Read more here; http://www.planetmin...ime-recreation/

    Check the reddit post for proof:

    Website for more proof: http://project-hyrule.net/archives/582

    All his old posts on reddit about this, was also deleted for the reason it was stolen.

    I'd appreciate if this would either be removed, or proper credit would be given.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards, René - Owner of PH"

    To be honest, looks like a nasty state of affairs with the ownership/creation of this, so I'd recommend editing your article :)

    Last edited 18/02/14 6:36 pm

      Do not believe them. They're trying to take down Kezsonaj's work for personal reasons. Their only "proof" is that some buildings look like the ones they made. Since both projects are based on the same game, it's not even a proof. Kezsonaj provided evidences he is the creator of his map to Morgan Lewis from Zelda Universe, and when Morgan ask for real proofs from Project Hyrule creators, they avoid it. Morgan and I are trying our best to let people know about Project Hyrule creators' bad intentions. Help us spread the word.

        Some updates here. I had a discussion with ProjectHyrule, and they're not bad people at all. They're not trying to take down Kezsonaj's work. But after seeing that his Hyrule Market was very similar to their, the were a bit upset, because it reminded them of the time when Kezsonaj published the map without permission after he left the project. I remember this perfectly. But now, they decided to upgrade their project with better builds, so both projects can continue without problems.

    This is quite amazing. I thought about an Ocarina of Time remake in Minecraft last year and can't believe it actually is being made by someone. Apparently its going to be completed in 1-2 weeks. http://minecraftium.com/

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