Oculus Rift Exclusive Is A PC Gaming Dream Come True

Oculus Rift Exclusive Is A PC Gaming Dream Come True

It was once just a demo. Then a full-blown game. Now EVE Valkyrie is the first title to be co-published by Oculus Rift themselves, making it an exclusive, and I couldn't be happier.

Oculus made the announcement today, saying that the game is now a joint deal between EVE creators CCP and Oculus' own internal team.

A space combat game based in the EVE Online universe, Valkyrie is what I dreamed the future of video games would look like when I was stuck playing X-Wing and Wing Commander on a 486 computer with a bad CRT monitor. The speed, the visuals, but most importantly the immersion. It's been a long wait - around 20 years - but hey, looks like we're almost there, space combat fans.

It's weird to see that dream coming true - at least on paper, I haven't played it - but also exciting.


    This is the kind of thing that will make me consider picking up a high end steam mahine with the oculous rift. Already got a ps4 and an xbone :D

      Build your own PC or get a PC repair store to build one for you. Will be cheaper and better overall, than a steambox.

        Ye prob build my own so then I got the knowledge to update it when the time comes

          The only thing you'll be updating will be either the graphics card or adding a hard drive. Don't be one of those newbs whinging in the forums about how they just built their new PC & it won't turn on. If you don't know what you're doing just get a pre-built one & save yourself the hassle. Upgrading the graphics card is a piece of piss.

      Oculus rift on Consols ? I don't think so...
      Xbox one and ps4 still very limited hardware for that

    I look forward to being in the first news report about people addicted to "Rifting".


      Oh god that made me laugh, then i stopped because its totally true. Once it takes off this will be the next thing to blame poor parenting skills on instead.

      They will blame Books > Movies> Video games > VR video games > Matrix > population is wiped out because bad parenting has eclipsed the world.

    I need that game......... tf2 on my rift is epic so i cant wait for this.

    But when will the consumer version finally ship? my money is burning a hole in my pocket waiting

    I think Star Citizen will have Rift support too iirc

      Yep. Plus 4k texture support.

      But why not play both!

      Star Citizen's going to have a lot of features. Soon! I promise!

        Yeah definitely, Star Citizen are annoying me though.. Quit sending me emails about how much money you are making off me/everyone and freaking give me a game to play lol

    OMG just that gif makes me want to vom. I want to be able to use an oculus rift, but I don't think my vestibular system will let me :(

      thats just a gif real thing will have better framerates

        The more realistic it looks, the worse my brain feels like it's being tricked - and the more ornery it gets.

          dont worry

          real life has more detail than any game

          whats causing headaches is low resolution and choppy frame rates

          once you have high frame rates (like 100hz+ tvs you see in stores) it will be super smooth

          human eye can only detect about 75 frames per second, so anything higher will appear smooth to us

          FYI computers are generally 60hz and tvs are 50hz
          newer tvs and high frame rate monitors are 100-120hz

          this is why you percieve any kind of video as choppy under normal circumstances unless you own a high refresh rate monitor or TV

            Nope. Real life makes me woozy too when it's all zipping about the place (or a taxi driver who's a little too heavy on the breaks). Also understanding why I get motion sickness doesn't help me to not get it (I studied neuroscience at uni).

      That gif makes me want to not come to a website which assaults me with endless animated gifs any more.

      Please Kotaku, every now and then is cool but the gif thing has crossed a line a while back.

    Whoa whoa whoa... If they're publishing it as an exclusive title, does that mean we can expect the consumer rift set to be launched at the same time?

      Nah. Sony and Microsoft made it cool to release games before the console. Wonder how far that can be pushed now...?

      Serious answer: seems like sound logic.

    So will this be something where I can actually put my flight sim hardware to use, or will it be dumbed down?

      It's being made by the people who make EVE online... I doubt you need to worry about it being dumbed down.

        That's precisely why I'm concerned. EVE requires absolutely zero flying skill, which is why I only tried it for a month and quit. I wanted X-Wing vs TIE Fighter with an economy, I got World of Warcraft in space (yes I know that's very much not giving credit to EVE's complexity, it's just not the game I was hoping for).

        Last edited 07/02/14 10:49 am

          Points for realise you were oversipliflying your analagy of games oversimpyifying.

          Also you are very right about EVE's combat having very little to do the the combat mechenichs and more to do with the mechenics of the combat mechenics.

    Woooooooooaaaaaaaah. This will make me sit up and take notice.



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