Official Ghostbusters LEGO Was Worth Waiting 30 Years

Official Ghostbusters LEGO Was Worth Waiting 30 Years

From fan project to commercial reality, it’s been a hell of a ride for Brent Waller’s LEGO Ghostbusters, one that’s coming to an end now that the official set has been unveiled.

Due in June, and priced at $US50, it’ll include an improved Ecto-1 model and four minifigs, of whom Egon is easily the highlight.


    • I may not have bought LEGO for a decade or two but even if it was $50 AU I am still quite shocked at how expensive it is.

      • All licensed sets are overpriced because Lego has to pay the owner of the IP. That’s why $/piece on Star Wars sets is more than unbranded/original themes. Cuusoo is even more expensive because they’re limited run sets. That’s why the itty bitty Minecraft set was like $70, ditto with the $60 Delorean.

        Lego’s actually getting better with Aussies. It’s no longer ‘doubled the American RRP, add AUD.’ The recent $200ish modular sets only tack on a $50 or so Aussie premium which isn’t too bad given the current exchange rate. At the end of the day, Lego’s a pretty expensive hobby, regardless of how you slice it.

        • I think that’s the point. It’s now an expensive hobby when it used to be a kids toy. I must be pretty great because as a kid LEGO was aimed right at kids like me and now as an adult they’ve shifted their aim at adults like me. =P

          • Well, there’s inflation to consider. Plus also the fact that the sets they make for adults generally aren’t the ones we’d have ever bought as kids (or could afford them). This Ghostbusters set seems aimed squarely at nostalgic adults. There’s still loads of generic Lego themes like City and Friends for kids which are much better value.

        • I bought the DeLorean while in the states earlier this year – for about half the $AU60 asking price. We do pay through the nose for Lego unfortunately.

  • Ok lets look at this a bit more objectively. As a kid I really wanted the Lego Castle set, the yellow one. It was $50 back in the early 80’s, so what would that be in todays prices? I remember my Dad said if I earn $10 he would cover the rest. Oh the joy of that day getting the set and building it with my family.
    I still have the whole set today and my kids play with it (amongst the huge amount of other lego that we own)
    So you can drop $80 on a game and call that money well spent?
    I can buy Lego now and it will still be compatible with lego from the 70’s, now that is quality.
    /end lego nerd rant

    • Let’s also realise that if you where to buy say the new Lego B-Wing and leave the box unopened for a few years you could easily sell it for 2-3 times the price.

  • Isn’t it funny that my wife and I are moving to America in May? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW YEAAAAAAAAAAAH

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