Oh, Just A J-Pop Group Covering The Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage'

Oh, Just a JPop Group Covering The Beastie Boys'

Here's Akihabara-based idol group Dempa Gumi Inc covering the 1994 classic "Sabotage". Nothing more, nothing less!

Courtesy of Japanator, you can listen to a short version of their cover here. Or, you can see them performing the tune in concert — something they've done for a while now and something that will never cease to surprise.

If you are wondering why the group's schtick is so odd, it's on purpose — they're a denpa group. That's the point!

Sadly, there doesn't appear to be a music video of the group's members driving around in cop cars. Yet.

Update: Twitter user Yuckers points to this:

Sabotage [Daisuki [email protected] via Japanator]


    I admit the action video was cool but all in all this seems about as necessary as when the All Saints covered 'Under the Bridge', some years ago...

    So good! We used to slam dance to the original back in high school.

    Good to see Ashcraft covering the breaking news, like this song that was released two years ago (and available worldwide on iTunes since then). Looking forward to him reporting on this crazy kpop guy called Psy with a wacky horse dance that's taking the world by storm.

    ....and Baby Jesus wept.

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