Oh My God, They Finished South Park: The Stick Of Truth

The South Park game is actually finished. It's gone gold. For real. Publisher Ubisoft just announced that South Park: The Stick of Truth will actually be out on March 4, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Of course, this might still be a practical joke. After all the difficulties and delays, we might want to hold off on declaring Stick of Truth to be a real game until it's actually in our hands. Still, though. This is exciting.

Developed by Obsidian Games, the folks behind RPGs like Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, South Park: The Stick of Truth looks and feels like a cross between South Park and Paper Mario, which basically makes it my fantasy game. I haven't been this excited for a new video game in a very long time.


    Ooooh Happy days...... OH happy days!

    Don't forget that this game has been censored for Australia. Do not buy THIS game from Australian retailers unless you support censorship!

      Where did you order yours from. I looked on Ozgameshop, and they don't have it. The only UK based retailer that I can find where it's available for order is Zavvi.


        Haven't found my copy yet, but found out the GF has already pre-ordered it from Mighty Ape. So I'll just have to order an uncensored copy. I can't morally play the censored version. Yes, I have hang ups.

        Maybe there is a NZ retailer we can get it from?

          How about here.


          It's a lot more expensive than the censored version from Mighty Ape Australia though.

          $55 from Mighty Ape Australia


          $85NZD from Mighty Ape New Zealand, which translates to $92.33AUD without shipping.

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            Wow... Will just keep searching I guess. Cheers for the heads up!

            What about GMG is that version censored? they selling it for 60 which is more than the steam price atm

            Wouldn't $85NZD convert to around $79AUD? Still quite expensive, but not AS expensive :-)

          what exactly have they cut from it do you know? NZ quite often get what Aus gets, we did for GTAIV anyway.

            It's just one scene as far as I know, with anal probes. And it's not even technically cut, the scene just fades to black while the sound keeps playing, and there's text on the screen describing what's happening.

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              I believe there's also an interactive abortion.

                Nup, this is all:

                It is now claimed that the Australian version of South Park: The Stick of Truth replaces the scene with a textual description of events--with evocative lines such as "aliens forcibly probe your rectum with a dildo-shaped probe," "probe his ass with violent force," and "causing his anal probe to penetrate him over and over"--with an image of a crying koala in the background.

                If you ask me, describing it graphically is possibly worse lmao!

      They cencored out an anal probe and replaced it with a very graphic text screens of what was happening, personally I think we got better off

        While I acknowledge your point (that in this case the censorship isn't actually bad), my point is to show the gov/law makers that we won't tolerate censorship as adults. The game isn't made for children, in just the same way that the TV show isn't made for children.

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          I don't think the government really pay any attention to video game sales figures, so they won't know or care if you buy it or where you buy it from.

        Removing content that's objectionable and in overly bad taste from a South Park game is like selling someone an ice-cream sundae without the ice-cream.

      Sorry, why are you punishing the retailers for something the censorship board decided upon?

        because its also cheaper to import and there is no other method of vetoing and still giving money to the makers who deserve it.

        Personally the very 2nd I heard this game was censored i cancelled my pre order, thanks to not knowing its location. Even now I'm waiting for it to hit ozgameshop before i make a purchase because you can't be sure if the HK stuff (sometimes its identical to aus), NZ and other stuff will be censored too.

        But at the same time i'm not buying from zaavi because their new game prices are worse than ours with the current exchange rate.

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      Have they released what they have censored?

    i have no idea why, but i am so freaking excited about this game. probably because of the achievements :)

    I hope Obsidion put there trademark bugs into this game v

    Soooo apparently the Aus version being censored abit will mean sales in AUS may be abit less than they expected, importing my digital edition for PC :)

    It is censored in Australia.........but I did read somewhere they were adding stuff for us..........so I don't know, maybe I will get the bastardized Aussie version this time??

    What's everyone else doing??

      I'm gonna import, not sure where from yet, although what they did in the Australian version is pretty funny, so I don't know, I might get both.

      Haven't heard about them adding extra stuff, but this one looks pretty good.


      $110 is bit much though.

        I wanted to get that version but I don't want the censored version.... Tough decision time :P


        USD$106 with express shipping ;)

          Just checked on Play-Asia and the 360 version is not region free, meaning it won't work on Aus 360's

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            I'm looking at play-aisa right now and see a red question mark as in not tested vs region locked. Ubisoft games are rarely if ever region locked. My money is on region free.

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    Probably the last game I buy on release for the PS3. What a way to go out.

    I'll be interested to see how this one fairs in reviews from media and punters. Even now after all the trailers and info have been released, I'd reckon it could go either way very easily.

    Will be my last Xbox 360 game. Unless it's insanely short or some other unforeseen issue, this definitely looking like one of my favourite games ever.

    I was actually thinking about this the other day, I couldn't remember the last time I read about a game "going gold". I thought the term might have been dead but here we are.

    if you want the uncensored version and are on PC try gamingdragons.com. I got the uncensored Saints Row 4 from them without any issues and they also dont apply the "australia tax" either

    Got mine at http://www.game.co.uk/en/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-special-edition-only-at-game-276853 if anyone is interested.

    I wonder if choosing Kenny as a character is a bad idea.

    Importing the PC collector's myself. Hype!

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    ALREADY PAID FOR, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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