One Very Practical Use For Old 360 Controllers

One Very Practical Use For Old 360 Controllers

As the Xbox 360 sails off into the sunset, and its trade-in value weakens by the day, plenty of people are going to be left with old controllers. Rather than trading them in for 15 cents each, why not turn it into the world's coolest dog leash?

Mike Warren over at Instructables has shared directions on how to transform a controller into a leash that not only makes it look like you're controlling your pooch, but even has room for a poop bag dispenser.

One Very Practical Use For Old 360 Controllers

Game controller dog leash [Instructables]


    I saw someone walking their dog with a car charger for a phone. Just looped through the leash.

    "I see you'ved hooked your pooch up- what are you playing?"
    HA HA HA

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    I actually would not recommend this...anyone who has walked an excited dog knows how easy it is for them to pull the leash from your hands. A 360 controller would slip out your hands WAY easier than having a firm grip in a leather loop.

    Any man's dog would tear that out of one hand. And if it takes 2 hands to control your pet... your pet is controlling you.

    And when your dog decides to run off you can feel that smooth shaped controller fly out of your hands as if it was a pair of greased loins..

    If you can't invert the controls for the dog, im not interested.

      I tried to walk my dog with Kinect. but it ran away as it wasn't actually tied to anything :(

    ..... I'd just think you were a dick.

    Thanks Kotaku, I just tried this and my dog bit me!!!

    Where else was I supposed to plug the controller in?!?!

    Yeah, cos if a medium-sized dog pulls on the leash you've totally got the leverage to hold on.

    Or you could train your do properly so it doesn't pull. I've got a Bull Terrier and I could easily walk her on this (not that I would, but I could). Of course, I can also walk her off lead entirely (but don't, on account if being a responsible pet owner).

    This cones under the heading off 'wanky, but interesting enough.'

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