'Penis Brothers' Force You To Take Your Pants Off In Rust Or Die

'Penis Brothers' Force You To Take Your Pants Off in Rust Or Die

What the... OK, so we all know that socialising is kind of hit or miss in games like Rust or DayZ, but I... what?

Beware that there are digital penisi as well as foul language that some might find funny, others more questionable.

The short of it is that there's a band of self-named "Penis Brothers" wandering around naked together and forcing players they meet to choose: take your pants off or they kill you.

If you do decide to embrace the way of the brotherhood, they'll initiate you. Which, as I'm sure you can imagine, is as crude as the entire act itself is. It involves lining up in a "penis train" formation and thrusting into each other (or emulating the act of thrusting as best as a keyboard will allow).

Yeah... you've been warned, I guess?

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    Also, is it just me, or did that sound like Ray Romano? Admittedly I only watched the first minute or so, so for all I know it probably was him.

      Yeah. You could see Ray later in the pop up video chat window. Msybe 4 mins in. The shocker was his screen mum turns out to be the penis brother in the red shirt. She really should have worn clothes in real life if she was going to be seen on video chat. Disgraceful.

        She is the Penis Queen to you (I am a penis brother)

    There was clearly a "Penis Sister" amongst that somewhere.

    One of the worst things about the internet, is that it gives the mentally disturbed a place to call their own.

    When civilisation ends - when the civilisation of man has fallen - when peace has been replaced by savagery....then only the Penis Brothers will survive.

    Of course... this is pointless if you don't type 'censor.nudity false' into console...

    Penis brothers are EVERYWHERE!

    [takes pants off]

    Glad his channel is back up and cranking. I'm never around when he streams.

    I have not worn pants since 2004..........sure it's a little chilly sometimes but the freedom of movement more than makes up for it...........

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    It was a tad short I thought.
    Could have been longer...

    Last edited 07/02/14 4:46 pm

    That was brilliant.

    Well this looks like suppressed homosexuality...

      there is nothing gay about a naked cult forming an all male conga line while thrusting in unison.

    Must be a great game if you've got to resort to this sort of shit for fun.

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing watching this.

    What happens when the penis brothers run into the pussy sisters?

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