People Are Already Auctioning Phones With Flappy Bird

Well, that escalated quickly. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen took his game down from Google Play and the App Store and now it's a collectable. There is already an auction on eBay with an installed version of Flappy Bird being the major selling point of the device.

Could Flappy Bird become one of the first 'rare' video games in the digital era?

eBay user Pindrus has advertised his auction as an iPhone 5S "Space Gray AT&T With FLAPPY BIRD GAME INSTALLED". It has begun.

Whether or not this will affect the auction in question remains to be seen, but if you have an iPhone with Flappy Bird on the hard drive, you could be in possession of a genuine collectable!

Someone Is Already Auctioning Off An iPhone With "Flappy Bird" Installed [Buzzfeed]


    I'm happy to take advantage of this fact when I can sell my S3 in a few months

      I doubt you'll get any more for it. This is just people thinking they can make a quick buck off a flash in the pan. In a week or so, people will move onto their next fad game and forget about Flappy Bird. Plus the game can still be installed via apk sideload for those who still want it.

    I'd have taken over Flappy Bird for 25% of it's overall profit quite happily.

    Why make games if, once you get where ultimately everyone wants to get to, you back out? It makes no sense.

      Because everyone creates things in order to attain money right?

        Nah. You sell things on several app stores for the intended purpose of not making a dime.

    It's not exactly the same thing, but I saw a cop from LEAP use the argument against prohibition, 'If you outlawed carrots 3 days later there'd be a carrot black market'.

    Pretty sure you'd be able to get the apk from somewhere.

      Yeah, I don't get it, surely you can just jailbreak on iOS or get the apk on Android? N00bs.

    I can gladly say i have no idea what "flappy bird" is.

      A modern take on Helicopter. Nothing special.

    Uh.... huh.....

    Yeah, I just downloaded the APK after like... 30 seconds worth of Googling. Didn't even need to use a filesharing site or a torrent.

      I don't even know what an APK is, but I'm caught up in this madness about some app/game thing after reading about it numerous time on Kotaku and I will buy your phone for $5,000,000!!

        I saw it on CNN's broadcast today. It is unreal how much publicity this has generated. The game is utter shite!

        @doog3 I will sell you my phone with the App installed on it. Never out of the OtterBox

        I'll sell mine! I4 with flappy birds and more!

        Hey I will sell u my phone I have a android with the original flappy bird and flappy bee call me 301 247 1444 thanks

        I have an s3 with the app I would be happy to make an offer

    I figured I'd check what all the fuss was about yesterday, and watched the game being played...even that bored the bejeezus out of me.

    Can anyone explain what all the hype was about?

      The hype was about the fact that, apparently, the game is hard. Something that the casuals just aren't used to.

      The internet was bored and needed some controversy. Flappy Bird just walked in at the wrong time. Expect a new game to be targeted in a few days.

    This makes no logical sense, as the person would have to load their own itunes library on there, which will mostly likely wipe any other game installs on the device... who sells their phone with any of their old stuff on there anyway??!

    OMG, The phone with the HARD DRIVE, now that IS a collectable, and you Mark are a true tech Journo. Where can we buy that phone with the hard drive? Is it replaceable/upgradeable?

    You weren't kidding.

    Won't the game just dissapear once you log in and sync?

      Unless the seller has set up an Apple ID that he will give to the buyer.

    If he gets the 60grand its currently at, I will be severely disappointed I didn't think of it first!

    Or you could just get one of the millions of rip offs already available.

    I've given up on trying to understand society. I'm still delusionally clinging to the hope that we as a race aren't getting dumber, we just hear more about it these days due to advancements in communications over the last 30 years.
    One can only hope.

    I'm speechless, prices are already at $99,900!

    I don't fully get why he felt his life was so ruined because of the popularity of this game. If he was being stalked by paparazzi or psycho fans that would be one thing, but wasn't he just getting too many people sending him positive tweets? Is that really such a burden?

    And isn't shutting it down going to get him even more inundated with attention? Followed by people begging him to put it back up or make another game? The poor guy's doomed.

    Funny thing is, I only downloaded this last night.... XD for sale here on eBay.

    i'm selling my iphone3Gs with installed Flappy Birds, :-)

    This guy is selling his for $11,000,000 with Flappy Birds WAIT FOR IT....UNinstalled. This cracked me up so much.

    I have à HTC for sale with the game on it

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