Phil Fish Complains About Minecraft Posts, Someone Builds His Complaint Tweet In Minecraft

This might be one of the greatest 'yo dawg' moments of all time, hold on a second, I'm going to try and explain. First Phil Fish complains in tweet form about 'bloggers' writing posts about interesting real life things built in Minecraft. Then some smart bastard actually goes ahead and literally makes Phil Fish's tweet in Minecraft. Amazing.

And now I've just written a post about someone making something in real life in Minecraft, completing the circle. This is the chain of events you started Phil Fish. This post is your fault.

This is like looking into one of those double mirrors where you see the same image over and over again.

My head is spinning.

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    and then someone shares this story on Twitter and it all begins again

      Ugh, for some reason I was reminded of the Spira speech from FFX. The never ending spiral of despair

    While I agree that this is cool in an "Oh snap!" kinda way, I must admit this whole thing somewhat confuses me.

    Are we supposed to still be paying attention to what Phil Fish does these days? I thought he shat the bed epicly and went off to play in his room instead of making video games. Shouldn't he have just faded into obscurity by now, or are we merely keeping him around because he's good to poke fun at?

    I'm certainly not having a go at you Mark, just genuinely curious.

      I don't think he shat the bed as much as spat the dummy. But yeah, he should be irrelevant now. Just one of those 'used to be somebody' figures who honestly could probably come back out of self-imposed exile at any given moment with whatever weak excuse.

      Nah. Fez is one of the greatest platformers ever made, and one of the greatest games ever made. No way in hell is Phil Fish irrelevant! One of the few game designers who gets the essence of gaming in and of itself. Fez is a surreal experience and no other game is quite the same. Phil Fish/Polytrons game design and Disasterpieces music together is sublime. Give the guy a break.

        I'll give him a break when he stops being an arrogant, self-important twat.

          Do you refer too the Annoyed Gamer Vs Phil Fish twitter battle? It takes two to tango.

    Who is phil fish and why should I care?

      made fez. cry's a lot. nobody should really care.

        Still don't know who he is, also don't know what Fez is other than a cool hat.

        Knock it off! People like you make people want to commit suicide. This petty online bullying shows who the real children are.

          "compare your life to mine and then kill yourself"
          "get used to it you middle-aged parasite"
          "it must be frustrating being such a small commentator, only being able to ejaculate vomit out of your mouth from the sidelines"
          "today's beeve is brought to you by some inconsequential limey fuck"
          "9$ for a game like FEZ is a STEAL. i should be charging you 90$ you fucking ingrates"
          "i just won the grand prize at IGF tonight. suck my dick. choke on it."

          - All quotes from Phil Fish

          I'm sorry, hyper, who is the online bully again? Because from where I'm standing it looks like this dipshit, not the people who call him out on his douchebaggery. The games industry is infinitely better off for his disappearance and if he had any respect whatsoever for other people, he'd stay disappeared for good.

            Are these all sourced quotes from Phil Fish himself, or just quotes plucked from this Twitter account? Becuase I'm pretty sure this account is just a parody one posting things that admitedly sound like something Phil would say.

            I had thought that Phil Fish had left Twitter back when he last threw a tanty and left the games industry.

              They're from Phil Fish's official twitter account (@PHIL_FISH) prior to him making it private, not the one linked above, which is as you say a parody one. You can confirm that across the net, a lot of people screenshotted them and reported on them. The parody account has been repeating them verbatim because they really are that bad.

                yikes. not to seem like I was defending him or anything, the dude clearly has an attitude problem. I guess the quotes seemed almost too bad to be real.

                  I'm normally quite sympathetic to mistakes and outbursts, and you've probably seen from other posts I've made that I don't even really like people insulting other people over differences of opinion, but the whole story with Fish has driven me to think he deserves every bit of scorn and hate he gets. His whole presence in the industry has been toxic and I was happy when I heard he was rage quitting.

                I still don't see how flaming someone, forever after the fact, is equal too a few irrational remarks from a talented game designer, who essentially lost his temper and spit venom in every direction. Dogging someone for months and months and months, is just a virtual grudge.

                ...ten years later; "Hey remember when Phil Fish got angry?"

                  Why would anyone forgive him when he hasn't even had the decency to apologise for his behaviour? He still makes undeserved digs at people, and he still thinks he was in the right. And as long as he still thinks he was in the right, he'll be pilloried for it. When and if he decides to apologise, I'll consider not regarding him as a douchebag.

                  He burned his bridges last year in spectacular fashion. I'm not obliged to rebuild them for him, that's his responsibility.

            Not a fan of the guy, but at the same time I think his personality is usually the one directed at developers. People are bastards and developers? Well they are people.

            These days MOST fans seem to be either steadfast defenders or rabid detractors. The later funnel endless abuse at developers before acting like a wounded cat when they get a reaction.
            I know the old saying, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, but no one likes to be talked down to. (That goes for both sides)

            Personally I wonder how well I would do in that environment. I may have a thick skin, but at the same time I tend to get mouthy and would prob end up being a little like Fish.

            (I repeat that I am not a fan of the guy and I do find his attitude to be pretty bad)

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          I'm not bullying anyone. Stated a Fact. And an opinion. :) I just don't care.

      I was disappointed when I discovered he wasn't actually a fish.

        Dude. I'm still trying to get over Eric the Halibut not being real and you dump that on me too?

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      He's a big sook, and you probably shouldn't.

      Edit: Beaten to the punch. That'll teach me not to go for the low hanging fruit.

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    I still feel like people give the guy a hard time.

    He does kind of have a point :P

      He does kind of have a point :P

      Yeah. I'm not saying don't share them or even make them yourself, if you like this stuff by all means have fun with it, but for me it's well beyond that 'Mario Bros theme [played on random thing]' point where it's all just interchangeable. This is sort of funny because it's a response to a tool, but honestly I'd be more interested in hearing about someone making something in minecraft that wasn't a recreation of something else or pop-culture reference.

      Me too. He might have said some questionable things, but everyone hanging crap on him are doing the same thing.

      So many things to be angry about in the world, and people choose Phil Fish to let it out on.

    Hey Phil Fish, stop the complaining about everything in gaming, especially since you're not even making games anymore. We get it, you hate us all. Thanks.

    I kinda agree with him tho. Seeing pixelated photocopies of other things isn't exciting. Wow, you made a worse version of something, good job!

      It depends. Sometimes it can take a lot of effort and lateral thinking to translate something possibly intricate from reality into Minecraft.

    It's been 5 hours and no up votes for that comment... I will be sorely disappointed if i'm the only one to get the reference! Edit... Was meant as reply for Germinal Consequence

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