Popular Zombie Game Rust No Longer Has Zombies In It

Popular Zombie Game Rust No Longer Has Zombies In It

Open-world survival games where you need to worry about other people more than the fantastical enemies. Hugely successful creations that are in alpha and are nowhere near finished. Weird shit happening when people mess with each other. Yes, Rust and DayZ are pretty similar. But, as of last night, only one of them will have zombies.

An update last night on the official Rust site broke the news that the undead will no longer be shambling through the online game's landscapes. From Facepunch's Maurino Berry:

Yep. We did it. We decided we couldn't hold off any longer. The longer we keep zombies in — the more complaints we'd get about removing them. We are forcing ourselves to deal with it. We are no longer a zombie survival game! They've been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them. We know. They're just plugging a gap for now. All will be revvvealed.

With this change, Rust becomes even more of a game about what other players do to each other and less like something that's trying to capitalise on pop culture zombie obsessions. A smart move that apparently paves the way for other weird things to happen in future updates.

[Rust website, via Polygon]


    Rust wasn't a 'zombie game'. Zombies had been in just as a placeholder from the start.

      True enough, but there inclusion just shows that the developers haven't settled on what type of game Rust is exactly.

      I has no overall image, Is it a post-apocalypse survival game? Is it a cave man survival? Is it just a dumping ground for ideas survival game?

      It really needs some direction to steer it, DayZ at least has the idea of what it is, where as Rust at the moment is a mis-mash of ideas that don't gel together to form a cohesive game.

        You haven't played Rust I see :p

        And yet Rust feels more complete and stable than DayZ in a lot of ways.

    Rust is just a good excuse to run around a wide open field, naked.

    It's where the Penis Brotherhood reign supreme..

    This guy is a moron. i sent this in the day of the update and he doens't even mention me or post it on time. Why bother sending anything in?

      Are you actually asking someone to credit your for a tip for a press release?

    Probably vampires

    Last edited 08/02/14 8:34 pm

      Or mutants (which would fit in with the large 'radded' areas of the map)

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