Pre-Order Wolfenstein, Get Into The Beta For The Next Doom

Pre-Order Wolfenstein, Get Into The Beta For The Next Doom

Wolfenstein: The New Order will release on May 20, but perhaps the bigger news is that preordering it gets you access to the beta for the next Doom.

Bethesda Softworks’ official announcement doesn’t give any additional details about its plans for Doom, including a release date either for the game or its beta. It listed this URL as the new Doom’s official site. Doom‘s latest iteration has been in development for six years now.

In an FAQ on the Doom site, Bethesda said beta access will come through an insert inside boxed copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Redeeming its key code entitles the user to participate in the Doom beta “once it begins”. No other details as far as timing, duration or platform options for the Doom beta were given.

Oh yeah, Bethesda also released this trailer — of Wolfenstein, mind you, not Doom.


  • I didn’t even know there was a new Doom in development. Super pumped for Wolfenstein though. The last one was pretty decent, and The New Order looks awesome.

  • Pre-order a game that has had almost no media attention, running on the id tech 5 engine which was poorly optimised (on PC at least) for the last game that used it (RAGE), with a bonus beta access for a game that’s been in development hell and even restarted at one point… This is sure to be a guaranteed success.

    I know the above sounds cynical as hell, but people that pre-order this game (especially for the beta bonus) have clearly not learnt the lesson about pre-ordering that was taught with Aliens Colonial Marines and a slew of other games released in the last few years.

    • we can only help it wont. if i see another game turn to crap because its been held back by last gen, or features cut out of necessity to assist in simple ports to last gen, i will scream. i may as well have not even bothered with a ps4 for another couple of years.

      • Exactly. This is a problem I can tell is already plaguing Wolfenstein, not only with the delay but Carmack himself during Quakecon last year bitched about having to cater to last gen. I’m worried the gameplay is going to be a bit clunky from what I read from previews. Nevertheless, I need me some sci-fi nazi massacre-ing goodness.

      • d3 seems to cop a lot of flak but realistically, it was a technological marvel in its time. that aside, the game was actually quite decent. it was a corridor shooter no doubt, but thats what doom always has been. the only thing that really disappointed me was the limited amount of enemies on screen.

        • I dunno, for me Doom has always been more about blasting away all manner of demonic beasties into gory piles of gross, all to the sounds of heavy metal. Doom 3 didn’t really feel like part of the same series to me.

    • I read somewhere that he didn’t like the start of Doom 3. If it were up to him, he would have had it where as soon as you stepped out of the ship landing, you would be blasting a demon in the head, and because of this, I think that he didn’t have a lot to do with the game.

  • The latest Wolfenstein was amazing. And I hear nothing about it – one of the most under-rated games in the past years.

  • So we might here something about Doom at this years E3 or QuakeCon, i doubt Bethesda would send out beta codes if the game is still 2 years away so they might be looking at a late 14 or early 15 beta release.

    But i now have a fear that its going to be like all other FPS’ where multiplayer is their main focus with a tacked on singleplayer campaign.

  • The most Medal Of Honor game since Medal of Honor (the original psx one of course), dare I say this looks like Medal of Honor on LSD.
    Hopefully there are bits where we get to show officers our papers and take a break from the shooting on occasion.

  • I haven’t had much hope for Doom 4 for years. Is it possible for a game like Doom (1/2) to exist in 2014+, in this world of story driven linear gameplay?

    Doom was always about clever level design, satisfying weapons and most importantly, killing demons and surviving the onslaught. A game with a cast, famous voice actors, moral decisions and dramatic cutscenes might sell these days, but that’s just not Doom.

    Well, excluding the reveal of Daisy’s fate.

  • This is nothing but a glorified corridor shooter done by people who have watched Inglorious Basterds too many times in one sitting. MachinesGames is the same team that made the Syndicate reboot while they were at Starbreeze – and you can see the similarities. Plus, they tack on a beta? A clear sign that Bethesda has little faith that the game will sell well, let alone get enough decent reviews.

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