Prodigy Is A New Tactical Role-Playing Experience

Prodigy Is A New Tactical Role-Playing Experience

Prodigy is a new tactical role-playing experience that combines the world of high-quality figurines with video games. You officially have my attention, Hanakai Studio.

Information is sparse, but the concept is intriguing and the artwork is so pretty. I shall keep my eyes on this one.


  • Skylanders Grown up edition crossed with a little bit of Magic the Gathering? If so, then yes you can have my money

  • Kotaku has this article about a video game based on toy action figures for grown adults and then has dating advice articles. Much irony. So wow.

    • That’s not irony, that’s just you perpetuating stereotypes. Irony would be if the dating advice articles advocated hiding the fact you are into action figures.

  • This may be exactly where I was hoping the whole toy/game interaction paradigm was headed and that has me excited. I’m going to be disappointed if it just turns out to be “Skylanders with sexy RPG ladies and some guys” though. The card buff system looks interesting, especially if it works like a physical version of a job or ability equip system.

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